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At RUAS, we believe that education, industry, and society are deeply interlinked. Each can — and should — mould the other. This is the driving idea behind the design of all our programs and courses. Our curriculum reflects a changing society. It is rooted firmly in the present and unflinchingly faces the future. It focuses on what is and the immense possibilities of what can be. Because at RUAS, we don’t just create competent graduates. We create the thinkers, makers, and doers of a better world. 

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At RUAS, our responsibility doesn’t just end at shaping the changemakers of tomorrow. We also strive to ensure that each of them gets a well-deserved jumpstart to their professional careers. The focus of our placements is not only a good company for our students, but the right one.

Research at RUAS

At RUAS, research is multidisciplinary and collaborative, effortlessly bridging the gap between theory and application. It is led by experts and aided by sophisticated infrastructure. 

Partnerships and Collaborations

We actively partner with universities and organisations that we believe can offer our students and faculty yet another avenue to learn and grow, whether through an exchange program, an internship or a research opportunity. 

Spanning across countries and industries, these partnerships are a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and the building of new connections and networks.

International Students

RUAS’s doors are open to learners from across the world. Students can choose to enrol in any one of the numerous programs offered by the University. In addition to an immersive learning environment, international students can also experience a new culture, and a new way of thinking, living, and working.