• 9 Countries

  • More than 50 Partnerships

  • Limitless possibilities

At RUAS, we acknowledge the power of collective action. 

We understand that the future is collaborative and seek to forge relationships with organisations and institutions across the globe that are aligned with our values and goals. 

Our Department of International Collaborations and Partnership Management (ICPM) is constantly striving to tie up with like-minded institutions that are changing the world with their work. 

Over the years, we have formed partnerships that enhance academia and built collaborations that push the envelope on research and innovation. 

Partnerships with Universities

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We are proud to have over 25 university partners from different countries and specialising in different streams. These partnerships with universities pave the way for exchange of academic knowledge and information between faculty members and students.

Study Abroad Programmes

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Our Study Abroad Programmes give students the chance to experience an international education, explore a new country, and learn about a different culture. 

Partnerships with Industry

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Through our partnerships with organisations and businesses, we are able to work closely with industries on solving the problems of the day. 

We collaborate on conducting ground-breaking research. We transfer our learnings from our partnerships to create an industry-centric curriculum.We also give our students the opportunity to keep themselves abreast of the developments in their industry, preparing them as they begin their professional career.

Partnerships with Government Bodies

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Our partnerships with government bodies straddle a wide range of organisations across a broad section of specialities — right from organisations at the forefront of cutting-edge defence research to organisations innovating manufacturing processes and reforming higher education.