Faculties and Schools

10 Faculties. 2 Campuses. 1 Vision.

At RUAS, we believe that the only way to progress is together.

We welcome independent thinkers, inquisitive scholars, bold innovators, and perpetual learners to join us as students, researchers, and academics. Because we understand that building a better tomorrow is a team effort. 

  • 400 Faculty Members

  • 80 Programmes

  • 4000 Students

Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET)

  • S1 C0872

An agile curriculum, regular interaction with the industry, and constant engagement with its research wing help the Faculty of Engineering and Technology mould the pioneers of tomorrow. 

Our students are at the forefront of pivotal innovation in the fields of information technology, communications, medicine, energy and business. 

Faculty of Dental Sciences (FDS)

  • S1 C0623

Originally established as a college in 1992, the Faculty of Dental Sciences has created a name for itself as a pioneering dental institution. Complemented with facilities like a Dental Hospital and access to the Ramaiah Memorial Hospital as well as the Ramaiah Medical College Hospital, FDS offers students hands-on training that serves them well in their careers. 

Faculty of Pharmacy (FPH)

  • S1 C0712

The Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 1993 to help students study drugs and cures that play a key role in treating and curing diseases. Our active research department is involved in drug development and manufacturing for therapeutic arena

Faculty of Art and Design (FAD)

  • S1 C0921

The Faculty of Art and Design at RUAS offers students a chance to develop expertise in product design as well as in fashion design. The curriculum ensures that students learn by doing. Emphasis is placed on practice and state-of-the-art studios have been created for the same. 

Faculty of Management and Commerce

  • CO5 B6236

The Faculty of Management and Commerce trains the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders through industry-centric programs like B. Com, M. Com, BBA, and MBA. The curriculum is designed to help students adopt a society-focussed approach to traditional management practices. Industry relevance is ensured through internships, seminars, workshops, and guest lectures.

Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (FMPS)

  • L2 A0229

FMPS focuses on the pure sciences and encourages students to develop a deep understanding of these areas. The program is designed to hone the field-related skills of students, and to help them focus on research.

Faculty of Life and Allied Health Sciences (FLAHS)

  • BAB 7009

The programs at FLAHS are designed to reflect current research trends. Supported by an advanced laboratory, the Faculty lays emphasis on industry collaboration as well as practical, real world application of skills. 

Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology (FHMCT)

  • S1 C0504

Started as a college in 1994, the Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology was integrated into RUAS when the University was founded in 2013. 

The focus of all FHMCT’s programs are on real-world application of skills, and students are given exciting opportunities to not only intern with international organisations, but to work with them as well.

School of Social Sciences (SSS)

  • S1 C0574

The School of Social Sciences offers courses on Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Data Sciences, Public Policy. The curriculum takes into account changes in society, governance, and industry to ensure that students are market-ready at the end of the course. 

School of Law

  • Law1

The School of Law offers B.Sc. LL.B.(Hons) a five year integrated undergraduate program which prepares students for opportunities in the field of science, technology and law.