Student Clubs

The Clubs and Societies at RUAS are a great platform for those looking to pick up new skills, brush the dust off old ones, and discover facets of their personality they didn’t know existed. 

Ever wanted to take centre stage and sing to an audience that didn’t consist of just your family? Wanted to learn a new dance form but never managed to find the time for it? Or tried tackling your fear of public speaking but with little success? 

At RUAS, you can do all this and more. 

And you don’t have to do it alone either. The Clubs are filled with students who are either exactly where you are on your journey right now or have been there before. You will meet seniors who can guide you and fellow students with whom you can learn, stumble, laugh, and succeed. 

Pravaah — the Dance Club

Pravaah is among the most popular clubs at the Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences. Its spectacular dance performances at inter-college competitions have brought the University countless laurels over the years.

The Club has 14 members from across different years and different programmes. Every year, a final year student takes on the role of mentoring a junior to carry forward the impressive legacy of Pravaah. Students conduct regular practice sessions and even hire a professional choreographer to help them put their best foot forward during competitions. 

Euphony — the Music Club

Euphony is for musicians and music lovers alike. 

Meet others like you who find the music in everything they do. Jam with musicians from across the University and discover the beat of your own drum. Fulfil your childhood dream of creating a band and performing in front of hundreds — RUAS gives you the chance to do both with the Club and its cultural fests. 

Follow in the footsteps of 501, one of RUAS’s most popular music bands that has won numerous music competitions, or carve your own path to musical success. 

Expressions — the Fine Arts Club

If you believe that art makes the world go round, Expressions is for you. 

As a fine arts club, Expressions encourages students to discover the artist in them by pushing them to explore various visual art forms. The Club also nudges its members to showcase their talent by serving as a platform via which they can present their work to a large audience. 

Anubhooti — the Dramatics Club

From scriptwriting to acting, from direction to music composition, and from stage design to choreography, Anubhooti gives you a chance to try your hand at the numerous aspects that go into the making and staging of a play. 

The Club offers workshops and seminars on mastering the tricks of the trade, including training in voice modulation, acting, movement and use of space, stage design, etc. 

For national competitions, the Club gets together to conceptualize a theme, translate it into a script, and enact it on stage, giving members a chance to apply everything they learn and be part of a theatrical production from start to finish. 

Capture through Lens — the Photography Club

Enjoy seeing the world through the lens of a camera and capturing moments of life for posterity? The Photography Club might just be for you. 

The Club hosts interactive sessions with experts, conducts workshops and seminars on the art of photography, organizes photography trips, and even gives members a chance to share their work with the public through exhibitions. With the guidance of the Club, you could even turn your nascent hobby into a full-time profession.

Saanskritik — the Cultural Event Organizing Club

The organization and management of an event plays a crucial role in its success. 

University fests and events have numerous moving parts, committees and subcommittees, and Saanskritik is in charge of them all. From promoting an event to managing the logistics of it, from welcoming guests and judges to ensuring the comfort of all participants, Saanskritik takes care of every aspect of every fest held at RUAS. Their meticulous planning is implemented by members, volunteers, and coordinators, all of whom get the chance to be a part of creating a wonderful experience for their fellow students. 

Saanskritik’s hard work and dedication is what has students looking forward to fests like Akaira, and cultural activities like Ramaiah Habba, Dindima and Kahale. 

Samvedana — the Social Responsibility Club

In keeping with the spirit of community engagement that is the driving philosophy of the Ramaiah Group, the Samvedana Club is about giving back to society.

Members of the Club identify the challenges facing underserved communities and explore ways to resolve them. They also take on the responsibility of spreading awareness about the civic responsibility of all students and find ways to engage them in social service activities on a regular basis. 

Debate Club

The Debate Club at RUAS offers students the chance to overcome their fear of public speaking, learn how to put their arguments across logically and articulately, and master the art of presenting. 

With activities and events like Open Mic, Conventional Debate, British Parliamentary Debate, and Model United Nations, students have the opportunity to learn various debate forms and to represent the college in competitions across the country. 

Literary Club

Spend most of your time with your nose in a book and are looking for others who do too? Try the Literary Club. 

You will meet people who share your love for literature and who — like you — are probably waiting to discuss their favourite literary characters and fictional worlds. Open to literary works of all languages, the Club hosts book reviews and encourages appreciation of different genres of literature. 

The Club is also a great platform for budding writers and poets who can hone their skills with essay writing and poetry competitions. 

Quiz Club

Trivia enthusiasts, knowledge chasers, and zealous followers of current affairs will truly enjoy the Quiz Club. 

The Club encourages students to develop a thorough understanding of current affairs, to study independently, and to deep dive into subjects and topics of their interest — all useful skills in the world of work too.

Katha Sagar — Film Appreciation Club

Eat, breathe, and sleep all things film? Join Katha Sagar, the Film Appreciation Club. 

Watch and discuss the known and unknown masterpieces of cinema. Dissect what works and what doesn’t. And learn about the art of film-making from like-minded peers. Club members are also given the opportunity to conceptualise and shoot their own short films. 

Virtual Reality — the Social Media Club

Hone your social media skills with the Virtual Reality Club. 

Students gain first-hand experience of social media by handling the accounts of DSA. They learn to create publicity material for events and also develop media feeds and virtual brochures. This Club is ideal for those looking at a career in social media, PR, or marketing.

Joining Clubs and Societies

Interested in becoming a member of the student clubs and societies? 

Here is the three-step joining process: 

  1. Fill out this form
  2. Short-listed students will be invited for an online interaction with the DSA Team and senior members of the Club.
  3. List of co-ordinators and sub-coordinators will be declared. 

Cynergy — Coding Club

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”.

Cynergy is the first of its kind coding club at RUAS. The purpose of Cynergy is embodied in its core open principles — Collaboration, Innovation and Competition. Cynergy is a platform to promote learning and development of programming skills. It empowers students with competitive programming skills through activities like Hackathon and Share sessions. Steve Jobs says Everyone should know how to program a Computer, because it teaches you how to think”. With similar thoughts, we encourage students from all disciplines to be a member of the club. Join with us to take part in expert sessions, hands on workshops, monthly challenges and much more.

Our motto:

while (! (succeed = try() ) ); 

Check this out for more details, https://cynergy.netlify.app/

The Startup Society

The Startup Society” intends to bring together all those at RUAS who have an interest in entrepreneurship and provide a supportive environment where they can collaborate, network, and start on their venture ideas. The club members will conduct activities such as idea storming sessions, workshops and experiential games while looking out for opportunities for real-world problem solving.

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