Welcome Note by Asst. Director of Student Affairs

Dear Students,

As you begin your academic career, you are embarking on a path full of possibilities and hope. The Directorate of Student Affairs is dedicated to working with you and inspiring you to take advantage of the countless opportunities you will find along this wonderful journey.

We are here to offer our unconditional support to each and every student as they begin their professional careers. We help students explore their placement options by inviting leading companies across different industries to participate in campus recruitment drives. 

Our department offers students a rich college experience that goes beyond their classroom learning by conducting cultural events and sports competitions at the faculty and university level. We also oversee the functioning of clubs and societies that help students discover hidden talents and skills. 

Every event, competition, activity, and meet is meticulously planned by the Department to ensure the safety and comfort of our students. This dedication to student wellbeing also dictates the Department’s approach to student accommodation, transportation and food. 

In keeping with RUAS’s aim to bridge the gap between academics and society, the Department oversees the University’s mandatory Service to Society program, encouraging students to volunteer their time and energy towards the betterment of society. 

Creating a strong bond with our alumni, the ambassadors of RUAS, is also an important task of the Department. 

We encourage you to join us as a volunteer and to become a Campus Leader for various activities and events related to fine arts, performing arts, leadership development and community service. 

We, the Directorate of Student Affairs, are here to take care of you, to ensure your holistic development, and to secure your future. We extend our unwavering support to you for a great learning experience at Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences.

Best wishes,