Social Impact

Service to society is the driving philosophy of the Ramaiah Group. 

At RUAS too, we believe that there is only one way to progress: together. 

Service to Society Programme

In addition to a curriculum that focuses on solving the problems of society, RUAS has also designed a Service to Society’ program. 

Mandatory for all students, across programs and faculties, this program seeks to inculcate a sense of social and civic responsibility in all. 

The program is usually taken up by undergraduate students in their second year and by postgraduate students in their first year. Students are divided into teams which are led by faculty coordinators. These teams then decide on an activity, the beneficiaries of the activity, and where it will be conducted. They visit either an orphanage, an old-age home or a government school, and conduct an entertainment program, an awareness program or a health check up. They also donate food and stationery. In the past, some teams have also chosen an eco-friendly activity that they conduct in coordination with government agencies. 

Other Initiatives

Blood Donation Drive

The University, with the support of the Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, regularly conducts blood donation drives. These drives see tremendous participation from the student community, who come out in large numbers to donate life-saving blood.