Student Life

Study at RUAS

The Makers of Tomorrow are Created Here.

Education at RUAS is multidisciplinary, creative, and collaborative. 

Students study, research, and work with an unblinkered approach to education, drawing learnings from one field and applying them to another. 

The curriculum is society-oriented. 

Courses are future-focussed. 

And the teachers are passionate scholars. 

RUAS has 9 Faculties, 64 Programmes and 23 Research Centres that offer undergraduate, postgraduate and academic research options. 


Go back to the basics with our Undergraduate Programmes. 

Designed to usher students into the world of academia, research and university life, our undergraduate programs are available across all faculties and fields of study.

Our PG Programmes are created keeping immersive, experiential learning in mind. Our curriculum ensures that students are not only kept abreast of the latest developments in their field, but are actively engaging with them too. 

Our academic research programs offer students the opportunity to deep dive into their areas of interest. 

Students have access to the guidance of knowledgeable practitioners and scholars, and are also supported in their work by advanced infrastructure and equipment, and over 21 research labs. 

Those looking for inspiration can find it everywhere at RUAS.