At RUAS, we strongly believe that employees are a reflection of an organisation’s values. Every employee — whether they are a faculty member, a researcher, an administrator, or a member of the support staff — embodies the spirit of Ramaiah. It is through their hardwork and perseverance that the vision of the organisation is brought to life. 

The University has a host of policies and practices in place to ensure the welfare and wellbeing of all employees. These initiatives contribute towards making RUAS an inclusive workplace where every employee is given the opportunity to achieve their true potential. 

RUAS is constantly on the lookout for dedicated and passionate individuals who are looking to shape the world, one student at a time. If you would like to be a part of the RUAS family, contact us.

Employment Regulations

In a bid to create a workplace that is fair, inclusive, and safe, the University has formulated a comprehensive set of employment regulations. These human resource policies and practices are employed throughout the University and are followed by all employees. 

Health Benefit Scheme

All employees of RUAS can make use of the MSR Health Benefit Scheme for themselves as well as for their close family members. 

Research Opportunities

As a University of Applied Sciences, RUAS encourages all faculty members to pursue research. A host of policies, financial assistance packages, as well as mentorship options are provided to employees to assist them on their research journeys.

Staff Welfare

From benefits and insurance coverage to policies and regulations, the University makes a concerted effort to ensure the wellbeing of all employees.

Faculty Leadership Development

To aid in the professional growth and development of all employees, the University invests in Faculty Leadership Development programs. These efforts translate into rapid career progression and new opportunities for all staff and faculty members. 


Faculty and staff members at RUAS are encouraged to be lifelong learners. Continuous learning is promoted and the University offers programs that focus on enhancing the professional and technical skills of all employees. 

Faculty Exchange Opportunities

RUAS’s collaborations with international universities and institutions of repute pave the way for exciting faculty exchange programs. These offer immense learning as well as international exposure and play a key role in the professional growth of faculty members. 


Explore the FAQs for any doubts and questions you might have about working at the Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences.