Cultural Activities are an unforgettable part of the college experience. 

Fests, events, and competitions help students explore undiscovered facets of their personality. Whether it is singing, dancing, photography or film making, the range of cultural activities at RUAS ensures that every student has the opportunity to showcase their talents.

In addition to helping students prove their mettle, cultural activities also help create a great sense of team spirit and unity. Students from across different faculties and different programs come together to participate in the events and cheer on their friends, classmates and faculty members. 

Cultural activities also give students a wonderful opportunity to learn more about organising and planning an event to the minutest detail. 


An annual, two-day fest that includes — on an average — more than 30 on- and off-stage events.

Ramaiah Habba

A monthly event hosted by different Ramaiah institutions on a rotational basis.

Karnataka Rajyotsava

A celebration of the arts and crafts of Karnataka on the anniversary of the state’s formation.