An education at RUAS is as much about unlearning as it is about learning. 

Students are encouraged to unlearn a blinkered approach to education. Unlearn the imagination-crushing impact of rote-learning. Unlearn the ways and behaviours of a passive learner. 

An education at RUAS, therefore, means to begin anew. 

Open Electives

Tailor-make your academic journey with our Open Electives System. 

You can choose to complement the academic program you are pursuing by opting for courses from other faculties and departments. These electives can reflect your interests and passions, and will help you navigate different academic fields with ease. 

Proctorial System

RUAS’s Proctorial System connects you with mentors who will not only guide and support you in your academic and professional endeavours, but will mould you into an inquisitive scholar and a compassionate changemaker. 


At RUAS, we believe that applied brilliance makes all the difference. Emphasis is laid on translating theoretical knowledge into practical application through research and industry collaborations.