RUAS Innovation Centre

The main objectives of this Centre are:

  • Encourage students and staff of MSRUAS to develop innovative and creative ideas that are useful to Society
  • Help students and staff members to convert innovative ideas into technology demonstrations
  • Patenting of ideas
  • Help students and staff participate in national and international competitions
  • Provide necessary guidance for Technology and Business Incubation
  • Seek funds for development of technology demonstrations and participate in competition from Industries and Business organisations through CSR initiatives of the organisations

The organisation of the Centre

Innovation Centre Organisation Map

Activities of the Centre

Innovation Centre Activities


  • Dr C Narendra Babu

    Dr. Narendra Babu Chindanur

    Head — RUAS Innovation Centre|Faculty of Engineering and Technology
    Associate Professor|Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    FET - Faculty of Engineering and Technology and CSE - Department of Computer Science and Engineering