The Four Pillars of RUAS

RUAS is much more than just a university. It is where students come to pursue their passion of changing the world through their work. Where researchers find a safe haven to push the boundaries of science with their studies. It is the place that industries turn to to find the answers to the problems of the day. Where individuals are trained to become better employees, better professionals and better versions of themselves. 

The diverse initiatives of the University fall under one of the four interrelated pillars —


At present, RUAS offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in the following Colleges, Faculties and Schools

Each Faculty adopts RUAS’s holistic approach to education, laying particular emphasis on applied learning, and promoting a cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas. 


Research, we believe, studies the past and the present to chart a smooth course for the future. 

As a university with a strong focus on applied sciences, our research centres are where our multidisciplinary approach to education comes alive. RUAS is home to 21 Research Centres and 2 Centres of Excellence that span different fields including aeronautics, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, computational intelligence, industrial design, and robotics.

In addition to these specialised research centres, the University also offers —

Academic Research Programmes

Students can opt to pursue their education further with an M.S., an M. Phil or a Ph. D with any of the faculties of the University. They can also choose to do so either full-time or part-time.

Sponsored Research

Supported and funded by government bodies (like ISRO, DRDO, DST and DBT) and various industries, our sponsored research programmes aim to develop solutions to problems of societal relevance. Addressing challenges in defense, agriculture, health, nutrition, the environment, and space, the University has so far undertaken more than 90 funded research projects and has filed more than 50 patents. 


In the spirit of continuous learning, this division of the University offers a range of training programmes ideal for fresh graduates, experienced professionals, and corporate employees. 

Vocational Training Centre

This Centre offers students who have completed their PU, ITI or diploma courses a chance to specialise in the fields of culinary operations, mechatronics, product design, and post-harvest technology, with a Bachelor of Vocation (B. Voc.) Degree. This 3‑year degree has multiple entry and exit options and is offered full-time as well as part-time. 

Corporate Training Programme

Industries and corporates partner with the Training Centre to offer their employees customised training in skills related to their domain of work or the equipment and processes they work with. The Centre also offers training in soft skills. Over the last 15 years, the Centre has conducted more than 900 trainings for over 100 corporates, including Bosch, Honeywell, Infosys, Wipro, GE and Tata Motors.

Competency Centre

Designed to set graduates, postgraduates, and diploma holders on the path to a successful career, the RUAS Competency Centre offers industry-relevant training programmes. These include a PG Diploma in Railway Signaling and Telecommunication, a Modular Certificate Programme, a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice and Advanced Certification Programmes.

The Training Centre also offers a 10-days industry need-based program and a Post-Graduate Certificate.

Advanced Learning Center

The Advanced Learning Center caters primarily to healthcare professionals across specialities. With two operational labs, the Centre offers courses and programs that aim to skill, reskill, and upgrade the knowledge of those working at the frontlines of medicine.

Skill Development

RUAS offers several short-term skill development programs. The cooking programme is a great option for those looking to expand their culinary skills, while the Spoken French Course offers an undeniable edge to professionals looking to work and live in French-speaking countries.

Working professionals can also opt for Proficiency Programmes that help them relearn old skills or pick up new ones. 

Techno Centre

RUAS’s Techno Centre is a unique initiative that offers a platform to industries, researchers, practitioners, faculty members and students to come together to tackle the challenges faced by businesses and society.

With access to the University’s research centres and labs, and with the active participation of experts and faculty members, the Techno Centre functions as a consultancy, a business incubator, as well as a product design and development facility. 

In addition to helping solve the problems of the day, the Techno Centre also provides students with the opportunity to work on projects with real-world implications, thus giving them an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to action.