Startup Fusion 2.0 Winners

Winners of the inter-faculty startup ideas contest are as follows:

1st Prize Health-O-Bar

Founder: Sanya Lamba

Faculty: FLAHS/MSc-FND

Under the leadership of Sanya Lamba, Health-O-Bar stands out by crafting protein bars using only natural ingredients, free from protein powders and refined oils. Their commitment to both health and taste ensures customers can enjoy guilt-free snacks that nourish the body without compromising on flavor.

🥈 2nd Prize” CaterAll:

Founder: Saad

Faculty: FPH (B Pharm)

Headed by Saad, CaterAll wants to revolutionize the catering industry with its innovative digital platform. By centralizing the catering booking process and integrating AI-driven features like menu customization and real-time pricing updates, CaterAll simplifies event planning while providing a diverse range of options tailored to individual needs.

3rd prize was shared by two teams

🥉3rd Prize: Let’s Explore

Founder/​Team Members: S.Sreedhar, Anoop Pai, Sanjana PC

Faculty: FMC

Let’s Explore specializes in offering budget-friendly tour packages, particularly targeting college students. By providing affordable travel options and facilitating connections among like-minded individuals, Let’s Explore enables memorable and cost-effective travel experiences.

🥉 3rd Prize: Tubars:

Founder/​Team: Keerthana A K and Sheba Mathews

Faculty: FLAHS‑B Sc Food Tech

Tubars, with their sweet potato-based chocolate snacks, promotes mindful eating with a focus on natural ingredients and conscious consumption. Suitable for all ages, Tubars’ products offer a healthier alternative to traditional snacks, emphasizing happiness and well-being with every bite.