World Table Tennis Day Carnival

Rotaract Club of RUAS, in collaboration with Rakhra Sports, Eteach India, RFTTI, RCSB, and Checkmate TT, successfully hosted World Table Tennis Day Carnival a vibrant celebration commemorating World Table Tennis Day on April 23rd 2024 at the Dwaraka Auditorium. Supported by the ITTF Foundation, the event aimed to showcase talent and promote the sport of table tennis among students and enthusiasts of RUAS.

The event kicked off with an opening ceremony featuring welcome remarks from the organizing committee, highlighting the significance of World Table Tennis Day and expressing gratitude to all collaborators and sponsors. This was followed by a series of thrilling table tennis matches, showcasing the skills and competitive spirit of players from different backgrounds and age groups. In addition to the matches, attendees witnessed interactive sessions and workshops conducted by experienced coaches and players, providing valuable insights and tips on improving their game. In these workshops, participants eagerly honed their skills and tactics.

World Table Tennis Day Carnival, had gracious presence of Mr. Aakash K J, International table tennis player currently ranked 3rd in under 19 at the national level and 22nd in the men’s category at the national level, Mr. Raskshit Barigidad, International table tennis player, Currently Karnataka no 1 in senior category. Event brought together people who were enthusiastic about the sport and promoted a feeling of community and togetherness. The event not only celebrated the joy of table tennis but also inspired participants to continue pursuing excellence in sports and embracing the values of teamwork and determination. With the support of the ITTF Foundation and other collaborators, it is hoped that such initiatives will continue to promote the spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition in the future.

Rotaract RUAS expresses sincere gratitude to Mr. Dayananda D. B. and Mr. G. M. Kumar, Managers — Sports & Athletics, Directorate of Student Affairs for their exceptional support in smooth execution of the event.