A workshop on "Future of education" and Induction program for XPMC projects

The Future of Education” workshop and Induction program for XPMC projects” organized in collaboration with Employability.life was held successfully on 5th and 6th of March 2024. Mrs.Sudeshna Paul ‑Vice President, Mr. Sugata Chowdhuri – Director, FDP, Mrs. Sudeshna Mitra – Director, Education Delivery from Employablility.life were Resource persons.

Employability.life is a Global talent incubator, headquartered in London, UK with business operation in UK, Australia, and India, supported by a strategic partnership with Federation University, Australia. They provide workplace readiness solutions to students through Experiential Micro-credentials (XPMC) which is a project-based experience that is mentor-led, collaborative and agile. These projects are offered through a Future of Work track on different modules under verticals like Digital Transformation, Product Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship and they are aligned to the digital economy job roles. Their endeavour is to enable the progressive higher education institutions through a focused workplace readiness approach.

Highlights of Future of Education workshop:

Faculty members from MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences joined the Future of Education” workshop by Employability.life, delving into the digitalization of education and its global implications. Employability.life emphasized the importance of industry-specific knowledge and experiential learning in bridging academia with the professional sphere. They discussed how integrating real-world experiences into education can enhance students’ employability and adaptability in the evolving job market. The workshop provided insights into reshaping educational paradigms to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world, fostering a deeper understanding of the intersection between academia and industry. Every participant got the participation certificate. 

Highlights of Induction program:

During the Induction program, students from M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences began their experiential micro-credentials project (XPMC) journey in Robotics Process Automation and Digital Transformation Service Design mentored by Project Manager and Product Owner from Industry in collaboration with employability. Life with course credits from Federation University of Australia. This initiative follows agile methodology offering students industry project exposure promoting holistic student development. The 12-week program aims to equip students with skills & capabilities, essential for future of work, effectively bridging the gap between academia and industry readiness.

This is a collaborative effort to provide internships to our college students at our university to improve their employability.