World Patient Safety Day - 2021

The walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than any other temples, mosques or churches. Patients and their loved ones walk into the hospital with great hope and trust. Patient safety is not only an obligation but is also an ethical and moral responsibility.

The 17th of September 2021 was observed as the 3rd international world patient safety day with an exclusive theme concentrated on maternal and newborn care. On this occasion the department of Masters of Hospital Administration from FLAHS, RUAS conducted a one-day event to create awareness about the importance of patient safety adhering to the theme –safe maternal and newborn care. 

Face painting, tattoo making, reels making, memes making, slogan writing, floor art and poster presentation were the competitions that were included as part of the event. 

Once Alfred Mercier said -“What we learn with pleasure we never forget”. Well the entire team of Masters of Hospital Administration of FLAHS, RUAS live by this philosophy. 

The awareness program was different in its way and had an extra edge, and was not just any other awareness program, but rather had elements of fun, art and literature to impart awareness about the safety of maternal and newborn care. It was certainly jubilant to witness such great creativity and talent of the participants. 

The entire day was a fun-filled gala affair where the students from various faculties of RUAS actively took part in the events conducted. The event proved to be a perfect amalgamation of fun and knowledge.

The valedictory session was held at Auditorium of FLAHS building, the culmination of the event was graced by eminent dignitaries who shared their knowledge, experience and ideas about patient safety and maternal and newborn care. This was followed by a prize distribution ceremony to appreciate and encourage the young talent who in the coming near future would be an important stakeholder in the healthcare service and patient safety. 

the chief guest for the event was Prof Sai Baba- Registrar-RUAS, Dr. B.K Sujani MD, DNB ‑Consultant- Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dr. Pradeep — MBBS, MD, DM, DCH, DNB, Consultant – Neonatology, Dr. Kishore Murthy- Senior Consultant-GEF and Dr. Krishnamurthy Jayanna- Dean –Faculty of Life and Allied Health Sciences. 

Having said that, the safety of people was not compromised in any which ways and the entire event was conducted by strictly adhering to all the protocols of social distancing and safety was ensured. Maternal and newborn health and safety still remains a staggering challenge in developing countries. The department of Masters of Hospital Administration did their part in contributing towards their safety and the efforts were commendable.