Spandan...Inter-Faculty Group Dance Competition

Pravaah…RUAS Dance Club organized this event to commemorate the occasion of International Dance Day-2022 on 29th April 2022. There was a total of seven dance teams (namely FET, FMC, FHMCT, FPH, FLAHS, SL, SSS) competing for the Winner and Runner-ups position. Three judges Mr. Jay, Mr. Prapul and Ms. Vidushi Shreya invited for the event, are renowned dancers for several years. The teams gave their best performances by performing combination of different dance forms like free style, Hip Hop, classical etc. For all the performances of the 7 teams, each judge shared valuable suggestion and comments. It was a difficult task for judges to come up with one winner and one runner ups team hence, they finally decided to give two runner up prizes.

The final result is as follows:

Winner — Team Beyblades (FLAHS)

First Runners-up- Team Meraki (FPH)

Second Runners-up Team Kanyaraashi (FET)