World Cancer Day 2024

On the account of World Cancer Day” the collaborative effort of Rotaract Club of RUAS, Rotaract Club of Ramaiah College of Arts, Science, and Commerce, and DKMS-BMST Foundation, India, culminated in a impactful HOPE — Blood Cancer Awareness Session in Mother Theresa Auditorium, Ramaiah College of Arts, Science, and Commerce on February 5th,2024. This event was designed to educate and inspire, centered around the crucial theme of registering as potential stem cell donors and providing second chance at life for people suffering with Blood Cancer.

Ms. Ashitha Steffi & Ms. Kruthika Executives – Donor Recruitment, DKMS-BMST Foundation India provided in-depth insights into blood cancer, emphasizing the significance of stem cell donation in saving lives. Attendees were educated on the straightforward process of becoming donors and the profound impact it can have on individuals battling blood cancer.

The highlight of the event was the on-site registration for potential stem cell donors, and a total of 32 students volunteers have signed up as Potential Blood Stem Cell Donors showcasing their commitment to making a difference. The collaboration between the Rotaract Clubs and DKMS-BMST Foundation India underscored the power of partnerships in promoting health awareness and facilitating meaningful contributions to the fight against blood cancer.