DEEKSHARAMBH 2022…Orientation cum Induction program for undergraduate batch 2022 of Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) commenced on 18th July 2022 and continue till 29th July 2022. It is being conducted in blended mode to enable students who have not yet arrived in Bengaluru to attend it from their homes. The venue for the program is the Auditorium on 2nd Floor of the Faculty of Life & Allied Health Sciences block. During this fortnight, students are familiarized with processes and systems of the University along with some motivational talks and Life Skills sessions. The program is on daily from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM.


On the first day of the program, 18th July 2022, a formal inauguration was held. This being the centenary birth anniversary of the Founder Chairman, Karmayogi Dr. M S Ramaiah, a video on his life and times was shown, from his humble beginnings to his achievements, to inspire the students to achieve great heights in the fields they have chosen. This was followed by the Ramaiah Anthem, an invocation dance by a senior student and the traditional Lighting of Lamp. Prof. Kuldeep K Raina, Vice Chancellor, RUAS welcomed the new batch of students and congratulated them and their parents on having made the right choice to chose RUAS for their undergraduate education. Prof. Govind R Kadambi, Pro Vice Chancellor-Research and Prof. Anindya Sen, Pro Vice Chancellor-Social Sciences also spoke on the occasion. They advised students to maintain their focus and wished them a memorable stay during the period of their education.

The first session was a motivation talk by Dr. Ali Khwaja of Banjara Academy who spoke on Preparing the Next Generation Leaders to Lead”. The afternoon session was an interactive one on Opportunities for Personality Development” conducted by the Directorate of Transferable Skills and Leadership Development of the University. Around 300 students attended the sessions on the first day

Day — 2

The second day, 19th July 2022 began with a Heartfulness Life Skills Session by Mr. Ramesh Krishnan, Director at Intel Corporation. He is a meditation trainer and an active member of Heartfulness Institute. The next session was from Directorate of Student Affairs presented by Dr. Reema Chaudhury, Director-Student Affairs and Mr. H S Srikishen, Head-Student Affairs. They touched upon briefly the various verticals of the Directorate and the activities undertaken. This was followed by a session on ERP by Mr. Goutham Nagaraja, Manager, Data Centre & Ms. Prema, Assistant Director, Controller of Examinations. The afternoon session was again conducted by the Directorate of Student Affairs to familiarize students with the various student clubs of the University. Senior students who are leading the different clubs made presentations and explained the activities held so far and plans for the future. Around 250 students attended the sessions on the second day.

Day ‑3

On the third day of DEEKSHARAMBH 2022…Orientation cum Induction Program for undergraduate Batch 2022the Heartfulness session was conducted by Mr. Ravindra Kini B, a Cost Accountant and Co-Founder of Affordable Business Solutions, a consulting and solutions company providing ERP Solutions on Microsoft Platform. After a brief break, a session on Academic Guidelines of the University was explained by Dr. Srikantha Dath, Associate Dean-Academic Affairs. The next session was by Prof. Ashok C Meti, Controller of Examinations was on Examination and Assessments systems of the University. The afternoon session on Orientation to Individual Competencies” was conducted by DTSLD team. It was an event by the students, of the student and for the students. The RUAS_ Debate Club students’ team introduced the club, activities and upcoming opportunities for the new batch in New Gen style. The previous batch students spoke about how the events conducted by the club helped them to overcome inhibitions and how they have turned the opportunity to their benefit. The Club conducted activities such as Q n A session, a chit discussion session and even a group discussion which involved the newbies to come up on stage and speak. The new batch students got an opportunity to participate in open discussion to showcase their speaking skills. Prithviraj and team spoke about a Money Management technique which will help students become financially stable during the span of 4 years of their graduation. The new bees enthusiastically interacted with the team to clearly understand the know-hows of the technique and were more than willing to try it out. The students exited the auditorium with a positive aura in the mind and heart. Around 200 students, both offline and online attended the 3rd day sessions.

Day — 4

On 21st July 2022, the fourth day of DEEKSHARAMBH 2022…Orientation cum Induction Program for undergraduate Batch 2022, the Heartfulness Life Skills sessions was taken by Mr. Sathish Desi, an architect by profession having his own company, Creo Concepts Architects. The session which followed was on General Conduct for Students by Dr. Vibha Shetty, Director-Training & Lifelong Learning (DTLL). Next was an introduction to Student Counselling and Mental Well Being taken by Dr. Pratishtha Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences and designated Student Counsellor of the University. The post lunch session was the one eagerly awaited by the students in which Mr. Kumar and Mr. Dayananda, Sports Managers briefed the students on the sports facility available and activities conducted during the year. After this, it was time for some games. Students were divided into teams of 10. The activity conducted was Hoops Relay where in pairs of students from each team had to hold hands and pass the hoop around their body one after the other. The team which finished in the shortest time was declared the winner.Around 200 students, both offline and online attended the 4th day sessions.

Day — 5

On the last day of the first week of DEEKSHARAMBH 2022…Orientation cum Induction Program for undergraduate Batch 2022, 22nd July, a campus tour of Gnanagangothri Campus was conducted to help students familiarize with the different faculty blocks, offices and sports and laboratory facility of the University. Again, students were divided into 4 teams of 30 each with 2 faculty coordinators and one student coordinator. A tour plan for the 4 teams was drawn in such a manner that there was no overlapping. After the tour, students dispersed for lunch and were asked to assemble in the venue for the afternoon session.

Day — 6

The sixth day i.e. 26th July 2022 began with a Yoga session by Mr. Kumar G M, Manager – Sports & Athletics, Directorate of Student Affairs. After a brief introduction, he made the students to practice a few simple postures which could be practiced on a daily basis for general health benefits.

The next session was New Age Technologies by Ms. Prathima Mohan, Corporate Trainer. She talked about the latest technologies and how students should keep abreast with them to achieve professional growth and excellence. The third session of the day was Mentor-Mentee by Mr. Parmeshwar S, Chief Quality Assurance Cell (Academics). He talked about how the University has a system in place for maintaining quality of education in which the role of mentor-mentee plays an important part. He informed that every 20 students will be assigned a mentor with whom the students can share problems, if any, so that it can be resolved in the initial stage.

In the afternoon session was to orient the students about RUAS ROTARACT and the activities conducted under this cell. The session was delivered by Mr. Damodar Nayak A, Faculty Advisor Rotaract RUAS, NSS Program Officer and Asst Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy. In this session, he created an awareness on Stem Cells registry which is an initiative towards deleting blood cancer. Many students voluntarily gave swab samples and registered for stem cells donation. This data base would be used in future whenever there is a matching requirement, and the student would be contacted to donate stem cells.

Day — 7

On the Seventh day, 27th July 2022 of DEEKSHARAMBH 2022…Orientation cum Induction Program for undergraduate Batch 2022, the first session was Yoga conducted by Mr. Nagendra B, Yoga Instructor – Ramaiah Indic Specialty Ayurveda Restoration Hospital. Students were taught simple asanas and postures to keep them fit.

The second session was International Linkages by Dr. K M Sharath Kumar- Director Research & Professor & Head, Management Studies, Faculty of Management & Commerce. The third session was Introduction to Institute Innovation Council (IIC) by Dr. Gopalakrishna, Head Coordinator of RUAS ‑IIC and NISP & Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering & Technology.

The afternoon session was an interactive one on Coping with new phase of student life” conducted by the Directorate of Transferable Skills and Leadership Development of the University. Ms. Sunita Chakraborty discussed the challenges ahead and how to plan for a better future. She asked the students to talk about the life of their Role Model and then asked them to pick the commonalities in their life. It was evident that life was not easy, and they had to struggle in the initial stages. Similarly struggle and rejection shouldn’t be taken to heart but, to mind and resolved with zeal, was the message shared with students.

Students were made to play an activity where set of balls were given to the teams and the ball had to be passed through the hands of every team member, with airtime and without dropping. All the students participated and the team that could manage to collect maximum balls were declared winners. The day ended with lot of expectations for a better tomorrow.

Day — 8

On 28th July 2022, the Eighth day of DEEKSHARAMBH 2022…Orientation cum Induction Program for undergraduate Batch 2022, the first session was Academic Transition to Undergraduate Program by Prof. Govind R Kadambi Pro Vice Chancellor (Research). He shared with students many useful suggestions on how to prepare themselves for their academic journey at RUAS.

For third session, which was an Alumni Interaction, Ms. Kavitha Nishad R. from the first Batch of B. Pharm. was invited to interact with the students. She is currently working as a Drug Safety Associate in Qinecsa. She shared her experiences at RUAS and advised the new entrants to learn amongst the best faculty and engage in all extra-curricular activities for building a versatile persona.

Mr. Rajeev Prasad Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management & Commerce introduced TedxRUAS & SpicMacay to the students. He explained the various roles that a student can play as member and shared the future activities of these student bodies.

Next was the afternoon session Campus Life Series — Happy Times at RUAS Talent Show conducted by Directorate of Student Affairs. Students performed dance, both classical and western, sang songs and played instruments. One student gave a performance with hoops which was well received by the audience. Trophies were given to the best 3 performances in all categories. During this session, prizes were also distributed to the winners of activities conducted by DTSLD and fun activities by Sports Managers. Certificates were given to student volunteers, faculty coordinators and resource persons. The day ended with high tea for all those who were present.

Day — 9

On the last day that is tenth day of DEEKSHARAMBH 2022…Orientation cum Induction Program for undergraduate Batch 2022, 29th July 2022 a campus tour of Ramaiah Technology Campus, Peenya was conducted to help students familiarize with the different faculty blocks, offices and sports and laboratory facility of the University.

Overall, the two weeks orientation cum induction program was well received by the students. They made friends with students of other faculty, got familiar with both campuses, and most importantly got information on the various processes and systems of the University. They thanked the University for planning such a well-thought out fortnight of activities which made them feel comfortable and at home.

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ‑Martin