Heritage Chronicles - “World Rotaract Week”

Rotaract Club of RUAS in collaboration with Rotaract Club of Panache 3192, Commemorating World Rotaract Week” organized Heritage Chronicles” on 13-March-2024. The event brought together Rotaract clubs from various districts for an engaging virtual exchange of knowledge and culture. Collaborating clubs included Rotaract Club Bhatkal, Rotaract Club of Steel City, Rotaract Club of Manipal, Rotaract Club of Tirupur, Rotaract Club of Western Valley, and Rotaract Club of Nashik Nine Hills.

During the event, participants from different clubs had the opportunity to share insights into the history, heritage, and current happenings of their respective cities. It served as a platform for cultural exchange and learning, allowing attendees to discover the richness and diversity of each region.

Rotaract Club of RUAS was proudly represented by five participants sharing insights about Bihar, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka. Through their presentations, they shed light on the unique aspects, traditions, and landmarks of these regions, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among the attendees. Overall, the Heritage Chronicles event exemplified the spirit of collaboration and cultural exchange fostered by Rotaract clubs worldwide, showcasing the importance of celebrating and preserving our shared heritage.