Chinnaraloka - Rotaract RUAS

Rotaract Club of RUAS organised project ಚಿಣ್ಣರ ಲೋಕ - Chinnara Loka” with the aim of supporting children from tribal lower primary schools. The event focused on providing essential stationery items, conducting interactive games, and enhancing the school environment through painting activities.

Chinnara Loka took place on 29-June-2024 at MM Hills involving Konanakere Tribal Lower Primary School, Hosapalya Lower Primary School, Paalar Primary School. Rotaract Club of RUAS collaborated with Kanana Charitable Trust, Rotary Kanakapura and local authorities to execute the event seamlessly. The day was divided into structured sessions to ensure maximum participation and impact. Each child received a kit containing essential stationery items. This initiative aimed at supporting several orphan tribal children studying at these schools along with reducing the financial burden on families while encouraging regular attendance of students. As a part of project ಅಕ್ಷರ | Akshara Rotaract RUAS was instrumental in distributing 1500 note books to over 350 children. Various games were organized to promote teamwork, physical activity, and cognitive skills among the children. Winners of games were recognised and appreciated. Volunteers actively engaged with the kids, fostering a sense of camaraderie and joy. Volunteers along with children participated in painting the school walls with vibrant colours and educational murals. This activity not only beautified the school environment but also instilled a sense of pride and ownership among the students. Children were also provided with nutritious meal and sweets of joy to celebrate the FUNtastic memorable day.

Further Rotaract RUAS aims at Implementing long-term support mechanisms such as regular stationery drives and maintenance of the school infrastructure to ensure sustained impact. Extend the program to more schools and communities to reach a larger number of children in need. Moving forward, the club remains committed to expanding its efforts and making a lasting difference in the lives of underprivileged children.