Seed Ball Preparation Workshop

On January 12, 2024, National Youth Day, NSS RUAS and Rotaract Club of RUAS jointly organized Seed Ball Preparation Workshop. The event aimed to introduce participants to the concept of seed balls — an eco-friendly method of sowing native plant seeds. The workshop focused on providing hands-on experience, suitable for individuals with varying levels of gardening skills.

The workshop began with an opening ceremony, during which the organizers welcomed the participants which included students and faculties from various departments and emphasized the importance of sustainable practices in gardening. The significance of using seed balls as a conservation tool was highlighted. Facilitator of the workshop Ms. Saloni Kumar, Founder, Healing Garden India provided an overview on seed balls, explaining the components involved, including native plant seeds, clay, and soil. Participants gained insight into the ecological benefits of seed balls and their role in promoting biodiversity.

The core of the workshop involved a hands-on session where participants learned the art of seed ball making. Instructors demonstrated the proper techniques for combining seeds, clay, and soil to form sturdy seed balls. Attendees were encouraged to personalize their creations, fostering creativity and a sense of ownership. The workshop catered to participants with various gardening skill levels. Novices learned the basics of seed ball making, while experienced gardeners exchanged tips and insights. This inclusive approach aimed to make the event accessible to a broad audience. The event concluded with a closing ceremony where participants shared their experiences and received certificates of participation. Attendees were encouraged to take their personalized seed balls home, ready to be sown and contribute to the enhancement of green spaces. The event underscored the youth’s role in environmental stewardship and highlighted the potential of simple initiatives, such as seed ball making, in fostering a greener, healthier planet ecosystem.