Ms. Sandhya Anilkumar

Associate Professor

She is a member of the RUAS research cell- Sanitation and Waste Management in Environment Engineering. 

Professional commitment, constant focus on creative ability, learning through research are some of the best practices she has built into her academic career of 27 years and her day-to-day activities at work Being a project mentor helps rekindle her creative thinking abilities. While researching and ideating with students, she helps them devise and plan project work that is doable. In her role as an External Examiner, she finds multiple opportunities to visit other colleges and universities and understand academic trends and practices. She frequently interacts with people from industry through organising field visits and inviting experts to deliver guest lectures. She heads the Hospitality Club and works closely with her team to promote and inculcate the spirit of learning, teamwork and competition among students.

To ensure holistic growth in her personal sphere, she supports initiatives that drive local community, societal development and animal welfare.


  • Diploma in Hotel Management (DHMCT)

    IHM, Trivandrum

  • Masters in Tourism Management (MTM)

  • PhD (ongoing)


Total Experience: 22.37 years

Training Experience

Accomodations Management/​Housekeeping

Research Interest
Environment Management in Hotels

Research Expertise
Sustainability Framework for Hotels


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