Sridhar krishna

Mr. Sridhar Krishnan

Assistant Professor

As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Food and Beverage Production under the Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology since 2015, Chef Sridhar Krishnan imparts specialised training to budding culinarians in Patisserie. He is also responsible for short term courses in bakery and confectionery. He has undertaken extensive research in nutrition and nutraceuticals and is developing various healthy baked products.
He graduated in Hotel Management from Bangalore University and completed his Master’s in Hotel Management & Tourism from Animalia (probably Annamalai) University. Starting out as the person in-charge of the bakery and pastry section at Sweet Chariot, he was fully involved in managing the operations end to end — from taking orders from outlets to dispatching them while ensuring quality and hygiene. He then moved to the Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur as associate chef, steadily climbing up the ladder to become DCDP — Pastry & Confectionery section. Owing to his enormous experience in the field, he has been responsible for implementing new recipes and training the staff in bakery and confectionery. Chef Sridhar Krishnan has been certified as a STEP Trainer. His training at the Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development, CLD drew him towards the teaching profession which encouraged him to take up a teaching assignment with T John College as a lecturer. He then became an Assistant Professor and eventually the Head of the Department of Hotel Management where he also held sole responsibility of the Bakery section. A familiar personality on regional TV channels, he has also appeared at various culinary and bakery events.




  • BHM in Food production

    KKRM college of hotel management, BANGALORE UNIVERSITY, bangalore


Total years of Experience : 21.58 Years

Academic Experience :

  1. T.John College Of Hotel Management — Head of the Department BHM — 3 years
  2. T.John College Of Hotel Management ‑Assistant Professor & Head of Bakery and Confectionery ‑5 years 
  3. T.John College Of Hotel Management- Associate professor — 1year
  4. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences — Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology — 4 years

Research and Industrial Experience:

  1. Chef in Bakery and Confectionary The Oberoi – Rajvils — Jaipur , Udaivilas — Udaipur – 4 years (2002 — 2006)

  2. Sweet chariot Bakery and Confectionery ‑1year

  3. Presently Pursuing — Development of nutrition and nutraceutical products at — Nutrition and Nutraceutical Research Centre (NNRC – RUAS ) 1.5 years

Training Experience

  1. AWAKE-‘Industrial Catering and Packed Food Services’ – Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship BSF, Airforce

Research Interest

Nutrition and Nutraceutical

Research Expertise

Product Development, Millet Based healthy bakery products, Developing Healthy Bakery Products, study on substitute of healthy fat in bakery, study on anti-oxidants in green tea, develop Stevia sugar free Indian and continental desserts, developing products using millet


  • Nutrition and Nutraceutical
  • Healthy Bakery

  1. Hospitium — the magazine of FHMCT 
  2. Evaluation of Makhanphal as a Healthy Substitute for Bakery Fat in Specialty Products IUFoST World Food Congress Food Science & Technology 2018

  • South India Chef's Association