Dr Surendra L

Dr. Surendra L


Dr Surendra L has been a Tutor and faculty member with the Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology, RUAS, for the past 11 years. His research interests mainly concern molecular pathways of cancer, immunohistochemistry and forensic odontology.
With a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery at M S Ramaiah Dental College & Hospital in 2007, he completed his Master’s degree at the Faculty of Dental Sciences, MSRUAS in 2018.


  • MDS

    FDS, MSRUAS University

  • BDS

    MSRDC & H, RGUHS University


Total Experience: 15.50 Years

Training Experience

Oral pathology, Diagnostic Pathology, Assesment of Tongue Morphology, IHC

Research Interest: Molecular Pathways of Cancer, Immunohistochemistry, Forensic odontology

Research Expertise: Oral pathology, Diagnostic Pathology, Assesment of Tongue Morphology


  • Oral pathology
  • Diagnostic Pathology
  • Assesment of Tongue Morphology
  • Forensic Odontology

National Journal Papers: 2

International Journal Papers: 1

  1. Surendra, L., Haragannavar, V.C., Rao, R.S., Prasad, K., Sowmya, S.V., Augustine, D. and Nambiar, S., (2018). Prognostic significance of Cep55 in oral squamous cell carcinoma. Translational Research in Oral Oncology, 3, p.2057178X18781972.
  2. Lakshminarayana, S. et al (2018). Molecular pathways of oral cancer that predicts prognosis and survival: A systematic review. J Carcinog, 17, p 7 (Scopus, Pubmed)
  3. Surendra, L., et al (2019). Staining Efficacy of Rose Extract in Comparison with Eosin Stain: A Histological Study on Oral Tissues, World J Dent, 9(6), pp. 500 – 504(Scopus)


  1. International Symposium on head and neck tumors-Manipal-2015
  2. Cellular Pathways of Oral Cancer-Poster
  3. 18th IAOP-XXV IAOMP Conference-Chennai-2016
  4. Efficacy of Rose extract Versus Eosin stain‑A comparative study-Poster
  5. XV National Triple O Symposium Belgaum-2017
  6. Expression levels of ErbB2 in odontogenic Lesions; Odontogenic Keratocyst, Dentigerous cyst and ameloblastoma: An immunohistochemical study-Poster
  7. 15th National Conference The Indian Association of Forensic Odontology Bengaluru 2017
  8. Visualization of tongue morphology-An emerging mode of personal identification-paper

  • IAOMP, IDA, KSDC-21,226-A