Dr Silju Mathew

Dr. Silju Mathew

Professor and Dean

Dr Silju Mathew is a Professor, Dean and Head of the Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics under the Faculty of Dental Sciences, RUAS. Backed by 25 years of distinguished work in the profession, he is actively involved in research in a number of areas. These include finite element analysis, myofunctional appliances, functional jaw orthopaedics and surgical orthodontics. His work has regularly been featured in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research and World Journal of Dentistry to name a few renowned publications. He serves as an Examiner and also as a DCI inspector at various prestigious colleges across the country. He has been Chief Convener of the Bangalore Orthodontic Study Group.

Dr Silju Mathew was elected President of the Indian Orthodontic Society (2019 – 2020). As its executive committee member for 6 terms he has chaired several committees including the Disciplinary and Grievance Redressal Committee (2018), Public Relation & Communication Committee (2017), Constitutional Committee and New Journal Review Committee (2014). As the Organising Chairman, he has played a pivotal role in ideating, planning and executing conferences, conventions and workshops at the national level such as the 5th Indian Lingual Orthodontic Conference, National Integrated Typodont Workshop and BOSG International Symposium held during the year 2017 in Bangalore. As a top-ranked student during his Bachelor’s (1990) and Master’s studies in Dental Surgery, he received Dr C V Mohan Award for Best Preclinical student (1988) and B K Venkataraman Award for Best Outgoing student of his batch. he has memberships at IDA and IOS (life) where he is also the Chief Editor of the IOS Bulletin. he has been the Chief Adjudicator of the Orthodontist Premier League for three consecutive years (2016 — 2019).


  • MDS - Dental Surgery

  • BDS


Total Experience: 25 years

Training Experience

PEA system, Surgical orthodontics, Functional jaw orthopaedics, Lingual Orthodontic treatment, Aligners, Damon

Research Interest: Finite Element Analysis, Myofunctional appliances, Functional jaw orthopaedics, Surgical orthodontics

Research Expertise: Finite Element Analysis in orthodontics


  • Finite Element Analysis in orthodontics
  • Surgical orthodontics
  • Functional jaw orthopaedics
  • Myofunctional appliances

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Conferred with:

  1. B K Venkataraman Award for Best Outgoing student of the batch of BDS 1990
  2. Dr C V Mohan Award for Best Preclinical student for the BDS Batch of 1988
  3. Best Professor Award at MSRDC by GEF (M)

Selected as:

  1. President Elect of Indian Orthodontic Society at AGM held at Indian Orthodontic Conference at Kochi Dec’18
  2. Chief Convener of Bangalore Orthodontic Study Group
  3. Worked as an Elected Executive Committee member of Indian Orthodontic Society for 6 terms (2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017) within the IOS EC, the responsibilities held were:
    Chairman: Disciplinary and Grievance Redressal Committee (2018)
    Chairman: Public Relation & Communication Committee (2017)
    Chairman: Constitutional Committee Member: (2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018)
    Chairman of New Journal Review Committee (2014)
  4. Pivotal in ideating, planning and executing Conferences, Conventions & Workshops at National Level and managed following responsibilities:
    Organising Chairman: 5th Indian Lingual Orthodontic Conference, 2017, Bangalore
    Organising Chairman: National Integrated Typodont Workshop 2017, Bangalore
    Organising Chairman: BOSG International Symposium, 2017, Bangalore
  5. Chief Adjudicator of Orthodontist Premier League (2016−2017,2017−18, 2018 – 19)
  6. Chief Editor, IOS Bulletin (2016−17)
  7. Organising Chairman: Practice Management & Ethical Marketing Symposium 2016, Bangalore
  8. Founder Member & Chief Convener of Bangalore Orthodontic Study Group (BOSG), Awarded the Best Study Group for the year 2011, 2013 and 2017
  9. UG, PG & Ph.D. Examiner to various prestigious colleges across the country under Govt. Health, Deemed & Private Universities
  10. DCI Inspectors FOR BDS & MDS for most of the Prestigious Dental Colleges across the country


  1. Attained 1st Rank in First BDS, Second BDS and Third BDS
  2. Passed MDS with Distinction
  3. President of Indian Orthodontic Society 2019 – 20

  • IOS Life member LM-0666, IDA