Dr Prashanth

Dr. Prashantha Govinakovi Shivamurthy

Professor and Head

Associated with the Faculty of Dental Sciences, Dr Prashantha Govinakovi Shivamurthy holds multiple roles and responsibilities as a Professor at the Department of Orthodontics, RUAS. In addition, he is the PhD Coordinator and NAAC Coordinator. With his professional experience exceeding 16 years and specific expertise in acceleratory orthodontics. he is keenly exploring further study in the area of biomechanics. His educational accomplishments include a Master’s degree in Dental Surgery and a Membership in Orthodontics offered by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) of Edinburgh. He is also a member of IOS.


  • BDS

  • MDS

  • M ortho RCS


Total years of experience: 19.95 Years

Research Interest


Research Expertise

Accelaratory Orthodontics


  • Biomechanics

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  • IOS


  • Royal College Of Surgeons, Edinburgh