Dr. Bhavya B




    M.S.Ramaiah Dental College ,Bangalore

  • BDS

    B.Shetty Memorial Institute Of Dental Science ,Mangalore


Total Experience: 17.01 years

  1. SENIOR LECTURER Krishnadevaraya College Of Dental Sciences 11.12.2006 to 30.08.2007
  2. SENIOR LECTURER M. S. Ramaiah Dental College 1.09.2007 to 31.12.2010
  3. READER 1.1.2011 TILL DATE

Research Interest: Periodontal regeneration, periodontal disease biomarkers, lasers implant, periodontal medicine

Research Expertise:LASER


  • Periodontal regeneration
  • Periodontal Disease Biomarkers
  • lasers
  • implants
  • Periodontal Medicine

National Journal Papers:

  1. Bhavya B,Umesh Y, Vineeta Shaji Platform Switching:A Tried and Tested Concept –A Review, RGUHS Journal of Dental Sciences July 2015 Vol 7/​Issue 2
  2. Bhavya.B, Vineeta Shaji, Ashwini.S, Lavanya.R, 2015, Knowledge, Practice And Attitude Of Medical Doctors On The Association Between Medical Health And Periodontal Health, Journal Of Dental And Orofacial Research, 11(6), pp. 7 – 11
  3. Ashwini S, Bhavya B, Umesh Y, Manjusha Nambiar, Sabiha Shireen, 2015, A Single Centre Cross Sectional Study Assessing The Salivary Cortisol Levels In Chronic Periodontitis Patients, Indian J Stomatol, 6(3), pp. 68 – 70
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  5. Bhavya B,Ashwini.S AND Shruthii K.R Application of LASER in Periodontology –A Case Series, Journal of Dental and Orofacial Research Vol.14 Issue 01 Jan.2018
  6. Mesotherapy using Vitamin C as an anti‑inflammatory agent in persistent gingival inflammation: A case series Bhavya Brahmavar, Safiya Fatima Khan, Asim Mustafa Khan Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology — Volume 25, Issue 3, May-June 2021

International Journal Papers:

  1. Dr.Ashwini.S,Dr.Bhavya.B,Dr.Manjusha Nambiar,Dr.Sabiha Shireen, Comparison of pain Intensity of AMSA Injection With Conventional Syringye And WAND System For Maxillary Periodontal Surgery,International Journal of Advanced Research 2014 Volume 2,Issue 12,349−353
  2. Vaibhavi Joshipura, Umesh Yadalam, Bhavya Brahmavar, 2015, Aggressive periodontitis: A review, Journal of the International Clinical Dental Research Organization, 7(1), pp.11 – 16
  3. Bhavya B, Ashwini S, Shruthi K R, 2017, Association between Gram-Negative Enteric Rods, Porphromonas gingivalis and Changes in Clinical Parameters in Chronic Periodontitis: An Observational Study, International journal of Science and Research, 6(6), pp. 539 – 545
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  6. Bhavya B, Ashwini S and Shruthi K R, 2017, Estimation Of Hemoglobin and serum ferritin concentration from females with Chronic Periodontitis before and after non-surgical periodontal therapy: An Interventional Study, International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, 8(9), pp.20276 – 20279.
  7. Bhavya B, Ashwini S and Minnu joe Ida, 2018, Knowledge and Management Attitude Regarding Dentin Hypersensitivity Among Dental Students- A Cross Sectional Study, IJRSR, 9(6), pp. 27444- 27447
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  9. Bhavya.B, Ashwini.S, Saagar.B, Gayathri.K, Minnu Joe Ida,Management of anti hypersensitive drug induced gingival enlargemtn –A Case Series pp. 25566 – 25570 April 2018‑A Case Series, World journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, 7(8), pp.562 – 572
  10. Assessment of healing following frenectomy usng diode laser and conventional scalpel: A randomized clinical study . Rohit Prasad, Akshatha Raj, Bhavya Bramhavar, Kranti Konuganti, Gayathri Kantamneni, Prachi. International Journal of Dental Science and Innovative Research, 2019, 2(4), 366 – 372
  11. Gingival conditions associated with orthodontic treatment in adolescents Bhavya B, Safiya Fatima Khan Bhavya B, Safiya Fatima Khan. International Journal of Science and Research, 2019, 8(7),1004 – 1007
  12. Effect of photobiomodulation on postoperative healing in periodontal flap surgery. Bhavya B, Safiya Fatima Khan International Journal of Dental Science and Innovative Research, 2020, 3(1), 326 – 332.
  13. Antimicrobial effect of systemic and local drug delivery of Azithromycin against P.gingivalis.A randomized clinical trial. Dr.Shruthi,Dr.Bhavya. International journal of Dental Science and Innovative Research.Vol 3 Issue 5 September 2020 No.584 – 595
  14. Effect of silver nanoparticle membrane on wound healing and patient satisfaction following flap surgery Bhavya B, Ibrahim Fazal and Safiya Fatima Khan. International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences 2021; 7(2): 155 – 160.

Book Authored:

  1. MCQ’s in Periodontology

  1. Excellence in Teaching ‑2012
  2. Best overall paper and 1st prize in dissertation category ‑2019
  3. Skill enhancement training in surgical and prosthetic aspects of implant by restoring dental implants ICOI 2017
  5. Best overall paper and 1st prize in dissertation category ‑2019

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  • Indian Society of Periodontology