Ignite Your Passion for Innovation with B Tech in Mechanical Engineering

If we wish to develop our world, and that too, to make sure that world development happens not at the cost of the environment but sustainably, Mechanical engineers are indispensable in the process. These maestros develop new technologies in industries like automotive, aerospace, robotics, and manufacturing sectors sustainably, and simultaneously, they support in developing the existing technologies, making them safe and sustainable. 

Why Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineers are essential for environmentally friendly sustainable development. They blend mathematics, physics, and computer programming to create modern marvels, from nanostructures to skyscrapers, vehicles, and satellites. These engineers innovate and improve technologies in automotive, aerospace, robotics, and manufacturing sectors to name a few, focusing on safety and sustainability.

Mechanical engineers are crucial in designing and developing infrastructure and automation systems, supporting healthcare, and enhancing global supply chains. Their work is highly valued, reflected in their high earnings worldwide. Pursuing a B Tech in Mechanical Engineering is a promising path for a successful career. This four-year undergraduate program, divided into eight semesters, covers fundamental and applied concepts of Mechanical Engineering.

In India, mechanical engineers are in high demand, offering good job prospects and competitive salaries. The Indian government’s substantial investment in infrastructure projects further boosts this demand, ensuring excellent career advancement opportunities for qualified professionals.

Mechanical engineers are inherently skilled in managing the nuances and intricacies of products, processes, and personnel. Their career growth is steady, focused, and rapid, allowing them to transition into leadership roles and contribute effectively.

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering — An Overview

So far, you must have got the idea of how significant the presence of Mechanical Engineers is for the globe. The work of mechanical engineers is infinite. They design automation systems, develop infrastructure, help in healthcare, and promote global supply chains. No wonder their earnings are among the highest worldwide. If you want to make a successful career in mechanical engineering B Tech in Mechanical Engineering is the way to proceed. 

B Tech in Mechanical Engineering is a four-year full-time undergraduate programme that covers engineering and technology. The programme is divided into eight semesters and includes subjects ranging from fundamental engineering to core mechanical engineering. It also provides practical knowledge of applied mechanical engineering concepts. 

Are you interested in pursuing the dynamic field of Mechanical Engineering? Are you interested to know all the details about it? Let’s start with its eligibility first!

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering Eligibility Criteria

In order to pursue this esteemed programme, the candidate has to fulfil the common B.Tech in mechanical engineering eligibility criteria. The common criteria comprise: 

  • Candidates must have passed 10+2 examinations with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the following: Chemistry, Biology, Electronics, or Computer Science.

  • Minimum Marks Requirement: Candidates need to have scored at least 45% aggregate marks.

  • Reserved Category Criteria: Candidates belonging to the reserved categories should have at least 40% aggregate marks.

Scope for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineering offers a broad scope, covering various sectors, industries and applications driven by innovation, design and sustainability. A few key areas are:

  1. Automotive Industry

  2. Aerospace Industry

  3. Robotics

  4. Energy Sector

  5. Biomedical Engineering

  6. Infrastructure Development

  7. Research and Development

  8. Consulting and Project Management

  9. Government and Defense

Career Options for Mechanical Engineers

A Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering provides numerous enticing career opportunities. Some of the promising career options for Mechanical Engineers include:

  • Entrepreneur

  • Design/​Design Validation Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Production Engineer

  • Industrial Engineer

  • Quality Engineer

  • Purchase Engineer

  • Project Manager

  • Systems Analyst

  • Research and Development Engineer

  • Maintenance Engineer

Pursuing a premier course is incomplete for success without pursuing it from a renowned university. M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (MSRUAS) offers an esteemed B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering programme. Let’s get to know its details!

Know the Mechanical Systems Inside-Out with a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering @ M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences is a progressive university that believes in a strong connection among education, industry, and society. Every individual can shape and influence one another. This concept drives the development of MSRUAS programmes and courses. Their course of study mirrors the evolving societal changes.

The progressive outcome-based, industrial-oriented curriculum in the B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering programme emphasises on the important areas, particularly Design, Thermal, Manufacturing, and the allied areas of Industrial Engineering. Automation and Artificial Intelligence, the need of the hour, is ingrained in the Programme through courses and projects. The curriculum gives ample opportunities for self-learning and collective learning, Expert in the form of industrial visits, expert talks, internships and real-time projects. Experienced and dedicated teachers guide students to succeed beyond the requirements of the curriculum. 

Students are part of various committees that seek feedback for improvement. Students enjoy enough freedom to initiate and operate various clubs through which they imbibe contemporary and futuristic perspectives.

All the above help the students become confident individuals and responsible citizens. No wonder our Alumni are all placed in responsible positions in society and take an active part in mentoring their juniors.

Objectives of the Programme are:

  • To provide information about mechanical systems and their subsystems.

  • To educate on analytical modelling, simulation, and analysis for examining mechanical systems’ behaviour.

  • To equip individuals with the abilities to create, construct, and evaluate mechanical systems.

  • To educate students on how to design and create mechanical systems

  • Design and create mechanical system prototypes tailored to meet specific requirements.

  • To offer chances for self-improvement, enhance communication abilities with a sense of community, and strive for a successful career.

Proctoral System

  • In the Proctoral System, each student is given a faculty member to act as their Proctor or mentor.

  • These mentors provide students with guidance, support, and motivation as they navigate their academic path. Students can seek guidance from mentors on a range of topics, including elective selection, academic performance, attendance, and credit requirements.

  • Proctors also engage with parents/​guardians and inform them about students’ progress.

  • In order to make the most of the Proctoral System, students should maintain frequent communication with their Proctors.

Promoting Technical Innovation

B Tech in Mechanical Engineering is one of the most in-demand courses today and because of its peak popularity, many universities offer the B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering programme. Pursuing this growth-oriented programme from an esteemed university that is renowned for its world-class infrastructure, highly qualified faculty, progressive curriculum, unique proctoral system and more adds a golden feather to your cap. Don’t wait to take the first step of a successful career in Mechanical Engineering. Enrol now at M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences.


  • Jayashree Aradhya