Create the Next-Gen Vehicles with a B Tech Automotive Engineering

Running things from scratch every aspect of motor vehicles and other automotive machinery, automotive engineers tackle them. From designing and developing to testing and manufacturing, automotive engineers supervise everything about automotive machines. It is a branch of the vast field of engineering. 

The functions of an automotive engineer are selecting and administering environmentally friendly materials, fuels, and methods and developing and manufacturing automotive parts and systems to improve transportation standards.

The design and production of automotive parts and systems have existed globally for centuries. The field of Automotive Engineering is a specialised area that is crucial to the success of numerous businesses. It is crucial in energy, transportation, building infrastructure, and producing vehicles. As we speak, automotive engineers are engaging in research and development in areas to do with environment and sustainability, biofuels, and electric vehicles. Besides, machine learning and artificial intelligence are at the centre of their focus, racing to develop and improve autonomous vehicles.

Do you think that automotives will ever become obsolete? On the contrary, this dynamic industry is always going to innovate and evolve. Automotive Engineers have always been and will always be in high demand. If you wish to be a part of this ever-growing industry, B Tech Automotive Engineering is the way to proceed. Do you wish to know more about this industry? Let’s get started. 

What is BTech Automotive Engineering?

BTech in Automotive Engineering is an undergraduate programme that offers insight and expertise on developing new concepts and procedures, manufacturing processes, and design in the field of automobiles. It is a four-year programme. The programme is designed to formulate new models of products and refurbish the existing ones with new-age technology. The programme aims to prepare industry-ready specialists who are capable of developing production-ready, innovative technologies and various transportation technologies for the 21st century.

It is important to know that not only B Tech Automotive Engineering is a canonical domain of engineering, but BTech in Mechanical Engineering is also a significant one. Let us know the difference between both fields. 

Automotive Engineering vs Mechanical Engineering

Automotive engineering and mechanical engineering are two fields that may seem similar to one another, yet differ in curricula. In the most general form, automotive engineering is the design, manufacturing, and repairing of automobiles, which are cars, trucks, buses, or even motorcycles. 

Thus, an overview of automotive engineering would include topics related to automotive design, automotive engines, vehicle dynamics, automotive electronics, and automotive materials. 

Meanwhile, Mechanical Engineering is a broader field, which includes the development, inquest, and manufacture of mechanical systems and procedures. Among the most common for Mechanical Engineering are the topics of mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, material science, manufacturing processes, and control systems. 

Nevertheless, despite the similarity of the two fields, automotive engineering is virtually aimed at automotive purposes, while mechanical engineering has a much broader construction of all mechanical systems and procedures.

Career Options After B.Tech Automotive Engineering

Pursuing a degree in Automotive Engineering opens numerous career options to candidates. Some of the most prominent career options to be opted for by graduates after completing their B Tech in Automotive Engineering are: 

  • Design/​design Validation Engineer

  • Plant Engineer

  • Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

  • Testing Engineer

  • NVH Specialist

  • Automobile Designer

  • Driver Instrumentation Engineer

  • Senior Production Engineer

  • Service Engineer

  • Quality Engineer

  • Automotive Sales Engineer

  • Entrepreneur

  • Automotive Technician

Pursuing a programme from a reputed institution is as important as pursuing a distinguished programme. M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences offers a distinctive B.Tech. in Automotive Engineering programme. Let’s examine the specifics.

Be a Part of Automotive Engineering Fraternity with a B.Tech. in Automotive Engineering at M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences is an esteemed university that focuses on facilitating the comprehension of the foundational engineering principles of automotive systems and clarifying their design and operation through its B.Tech. in Automotive Engineering programme. 

The curriculum of the programme is focused on results and assists students in fostering critical thinking skills and acquiring practical skills necessary for a seamless transition from school to the professional world. Opportunities are available for students to complete their internships either in India or overseas, based on their preferences.

The programme stands out due to its mentioned features and the faculty members’ solid expertise in industry and business. The student enrolled in the automotive engineering programme is provided with a solid base of practical problem-solving abilities.

The Objectives of the Programme are:

  • To provide information on car systems and their components.

  • Modelling, simulating, and analysing automotive systems to anticipate and enhance their performance.

  • To equip and evaluate automotive systems to verify their performance.

  • Creating and building prototypes of automotive systems tailored to specific requirements.

  • To offer chances for individual growth and enhancing communication abilities within the community while striving for a successful career.

  • Training students in using commercial software tools for designing, modelling, and simulating automotive vehicle systems.

  • To provide students with training in the manufacturing and production of automotive systems.

  • Apply the knowledge in the automotive domain, including Automotive Systems, Vehicle Dynamics, Automotive Structures, Vehicle Aerodynamics, Materials, Electronic Control and safety systems, Product Design, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Autonomous Systems, Noise Vibration and Harshness and Automotive advanced technologies to develop efficient solutions for complex problems in automotive engineering and allied areas.

  • Design and develop sustainable solutions using automotive engineering principles, concepts, experimentation and appropriate tools to address industry and societal requirements.

  • Demonstrate ethics, leadership qualities, communication, entrepreneurial skills and involvement in lifelong learning for the betterment of the organisation, environment and society.

Advancing Vehicles Technologies

Automotive Engineering is a key technology in modern life and transport. If you are inspired to create and improve the future of your daily mobility, this field is suitable for you. Choose the course of B Tech Automotive Engineering education, and together, we will make history in this important industry.


  • Jayashree Aradhya