Sharath Kumar

Dr. Sharath Kumar K.M

Professor, Head — Department of Management and Commerce

Dr K M Sharath Kumar is the Director of Research and an Associate Professor at the Department of Management Studies under the Faculty of Management and Commerce, RUAS. He has served in the capacity of Deputy Director – Sponsored Research and previously was a full-time Faculty and Coordinator — Sponsored Research in the Department of Management Studies. He is a life member of the Indian Society of Technical Education.
He has served as a PhD Examiner and has supervised the doctoral thesis of students. As a member of the Research and Innovation Council – RUAS, he is responsible for managing International Partnerships. He is also in-charge of managing Patents and Patent Commercialisation process for the Research and Exchange (both Faculty and Student) initiative at the university. He has more than 15 years of teaching and research experience.
He brings with him extensive knowledge of coordinating funded research activities with various organisations in the government, public and private sectors. He leverages his considerable skills as a leader in assembling high-performance teams, setting goals and successfully achieving them. 

Dr Sharath Kumar graduated in Mechanical Engineering and also completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialisation in Marketing. In addition, he has a PhD degree offered by Coventry University, UK. His research is primarily focused on Management Science, Operations Management, Mathematical Modelling, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


  • Ph.D

    Coventry University, U.K.

  • MBA

    Institute of Business Management & Research Bangalore.

  • B.E. – Mechanical

    SJCIT, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka

  • PUC

    National College, Bangalore


Total No. Of Experiences: 15 Years.

M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences ‑Research — Deputy Director — Sponsored Research — 10 June 2014 to Till Date.

Research Interests :

  1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  2. Operations Research and Quantitative Techniques.
  3. Data Envelopment Analysis.
  4. Research Methodology and Business Analytics.
  5. Multi-disciplinary Optimization and Statistical Modelling.

Research Expertise :

  1. Minitab/​SPSS.
  2. Solver/​TORA/​ARENA/​EXTEND Simulation.
  3. MS-Project/Access/Office.
  4. E‑Views for Econometrics.
  5. JMP for Analytics.

Grants :

  1. Instrumental in preliminary study and getting funding approval from MSME-DI for Technology Business Incubation (INR 65.00 Lakhs).
  2. Conducted and Organized TIFAC, An Autonomous Body of DST, Govt. of India, sponsored IPR Workshop (0.80 Lakh).
  3. Coordinated Sponsored Research Projects in Multi-disciplinary domains from various funding agencies of more than (INR 300 Lakhs).
  4. Set up Four High End Research Laboratories for R&D Centers with KCTU funding, Dept. of Industries and Commerce, GoK (INR 150 Lakhs).
  5. Initiated Academic Partnership Programmes with various Industries to support Ph.D. Scholars and Master Students through SEED Funding and Scholarships
  6. Sponsorships from Industries for conducting. Conferences/​Seminars/​Workshops/​Research Endowment etc.

Journal Publications: 15 (02 Submitted)

  1. Sharath Kumar, K.M. (2011) An Integrated Framework for Commodity Supply Chain In Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs). Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management, 4, No. 12, pp.1 – 14.
  2. Sharath Kumar, K. M. & Shankapal, S. R. (2010) Modelling Commodity Supply Chain in Higher Educational Institute. SASTECH Journal, 9, No.2, pp. 39 – 46.
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  12. Raju, D. Dhole & Sharath Kumar, K.M. (2018) Adoption Models for Agile Software Development Projects. Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology, 11(1), pp. 69 – 76.
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  15. Shobha T.S. & Sharath Kumar, K.M. (2020) A Comparative Study On Financial Behaviours Of Gen X And Gen Y In Bengaluru, India, SCMS Journal of Indian Management [In Press].

Conference Publications: [05]

  1. Sharath Kumar, K. M. & Nagaraj, D. (2007) A critical analysis of service quality in Venue Marketing; An Empirical Study. Presented in National Conference on New Era of Marketing, INC,Coimbatore.
  2. Chakravarthi, M. R., Sharath Kumar, K. M. & Chowdary, B. N. (2009) Implementation of Lean Logistics System in Material Handling Process for Breakwater Construction. International Conference on Operations Research, in Engineering and Management, Anna University, Trichy.
  3. Rommel Goel & Sharath Kumar, K.M. (2009) Reduction of Operation Cost and Lead Time in Travel Retailing Industry. National Conference in Mechanical Engineering. MSRIT, Bangalore.
  4. Priyanka, S.P., Srikantha Dath, T.N. and Sharath Kumar, K.M. (2019) Critical Parameters of Supplier Relationship Management in Indian Health Care Supply Chains – A Pilot Study. International Conference on Global Health & Medical Tourism (GloHMT), Co-hosted by: IIM Kozhikode, Kozhikode (March 7 – 10, 2019).
  5. Ruhiya Abubakar, Emmanuel, K. Effah, Samuel Akwasi Frimpong, Amevi Acakpovi, Patrick Acheampong, Govind R. Kadambi & Sharath Kumar, K.M. (2019) Adoption of Smart Grid in Ghana Using Pattern Recognition Neural Networks. International Conference on Computing, Computational Modelling and Applications, IEEE, Ghana, pp. 66 – 71

Achievements :

  1. One of the key Member in contributing for attaining the UGC2f Status (First Private University in Karnataka).
  2. Initiated DSIR recognition for Research under SIRO category to the University.
  3. Instrumental in obtaining recognition as MHRD Innovation Cell (MIC) for the University.
  4. Member of Research and Innovation Council – RUAS.
  5. Managing International Partnerships for Research and Exchange (Faculty and Student).
  6. Early Starter to participate in the I‑STEM project initiated by the PMO’s office.
  7. Coordinated for setting up of 02 Centres of Excellence and 21 Research Centers as well as Research Mentors.
  8. Instrumental in making the Ph.D. programme a viable proposition.
  9. Managing Patents and Patent Commercialization process at the University.
  10. Involved in initiation of M.Phil. and M.S. by Research programmes at the University.
  11. Nominated as IQAC Member for NAAC Accreditation and representative of Research Division for ERP Implementation.
  12. Well-versed with Ranking and Rating frameworks like NIRF, QS Ranking and Rating, AARIA, India Today etc.
  13. Connecting with Industries for obtaining Consultancy projects for the University
    Attained RNI Registration and ISSN Number for University Journal.
  14. Contributed to be the first Private University to be associated with WtERT-India in association with NEERI, Nagpur.
  15. Initiated and propagated Anti-Plagiarism policy and Turnitin Software usage within the University.
  16. Initiated and coordinated National and International MoUs with esteemed Industries and Universities.
  17. Prepared detailed project report for setting up skill school.
  18. Developed Quality framework for the University to capture student satisfaction index holistically.
  19. Committee member for publishing Book of Student Project Abstracts and involved in publicizing University Journals along with Indexing.
  20. Advisory committee member for ICPSPCT – 2018; International Convention on Environment Protection Through Sustainable Waste Management, Entrepreneurship.
  21. Coordinated Student technical and innovation competitions.
  22. Ad hoc committee member of Ramaiah IPR Cell.
  23. Steering and Project Committee member for RICH Tech, RTBI, Techno and Innovation Centre.
  24. Head of Sponsorship committee at 2nd National Conference on Multidisciplinary Design, Analysis and Optimization (NCMDAO- 2019).
  25. Organized highly focused Workshop and Symposium on Advanced Machine Learning and Hypersonic Technologies (One of First Private University in the Country).
  26. Member of STEM for Technology Transfer and Life Member of Indian Society of Technical Education.

Awards :

  1. Awarded as Best Faculty at Rai Business School.
  2. Life Member of Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE).
  3. Green Belt Certification in Six Sigma.
  4. Ad hoc Committee Member – Ramaiah IPR Cell.
  5. Invited as Judge for the Poster Presentation – KIMS MODEL WHO 2018 Event.

  • Indian Society of Technical Education

    Life Member

  • IQAC


  • NAAC Criteria 3

    Incharge of