Citizen Youth Parliament

  • Date

    10:00 AM onwards 

Citizen Youth Parliament is being organised at Vidhana Soudha on 4th,5th and 6th Aug 2023. The objective is to empower young individuals and inspire them to become catalysts for positive change in society. This event holds the potential to nurture and shape the future leaders of the nation. 

Mr. Rajeev Prasad P., Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management and Commerce and the following students have qualified to participate in the Citizen Youth Parliament’- 

  1. Shashan Udupa-School of Law 
  2. Vidhya-School of Law 
  3. Rahul Gangaraj-School of Law 
  4. Meenakshi-School of Law 
  5. Sanjana Rao-School of Law 
  6. Syed Mohammed Raza- School of Law 
  7. Rakshitha B. H.- School of Social Sciences 
  8. Paresh Singh- Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology 
  9. Kruthik O.S.- Faculty of Management and Commerce 
  10. Harshitha.N- Faculty of Management and Commerce 
  11. R.Vijaylakshmi- Basvaraja Faculty of Management and Commerce 
  12. SS. Himashree- Faculty of Management and Commerce

The event will be inaugurated by the Honorable CM of Karnataka- Sri Siddaramaiah & presided by Chairman Sri Basavaraja Horatti and Law Minister — Sri H. K. Patil. The bills discussed in Parliament will be Uniform Civil Code, Farm bill and Karnataka State Land Reforms Act.