RUAS Master Trainer Series on New Education Policy 2020

  • Date

    10:30 AM – 5:00 PM 
  • Location

    Multimedia Center First Floor 
    Advanced Learning Centre 
    University House 

Academic Institutes are focusing on the implementation of NEP. RUAS has been the active forerunner on this front and initiated significant steps towards fulfillment. This trainer series will create awareness and empower the faculty cohort to capacity-build the internal teams and implement NEP to a remarkable extent. This is the first in the trainer series. 

Organized by

NEP Working Committee at RUAS
Office of Academic Affairs & Centre for Professional Development & Training

Date: Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Time: 10.30−17.00 Hours

Venue: 1st floor Auditorium, ALC, RUAS

Sl. No.Master Trainer
1Prof. K. K. Raina Vice Chancellor RUAS
2Prof. Medha Y. Rao Dean-AcademicsRUAS
3Prof M. Sai Baba, Director, Centre for Professional Development & Training, RUAS
4Prof B. N. Padmavathi, Head, Center for Educational & Social Studies, Bengaluru 
5Dr. Chetan B. Singai, Associate Professor, RUAS & Member Secretary, NEP Working Committee
6Prof. Krishnamurthy Jayanna, Chairman, NEP Working Committee at RUAS & Dean, Research & Innovation