Step Into the World of Eye Care with BSc Optometry Course

According to research in the Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology, around 25% of the world’s population suffers from refractive error. Also, according to the estimated statistics of the World Health Organisation, around 153 million people in the world are suffering from visual impairment, because of uncorrected refractive errors. These statistics show the need for optometrists at large, and pursuing a BSc Optometry Course will lead to that path. 

As the lifestyle has changed drastically, almost all work is done online, and screen time has increased like never before, eye-related problems have become common these days. Society needs experts who can diagnose, treat, and manage eye problems. If you know the importance of the optometry field and want to make a career in it, you have come just to the right place. Let’s discuss all the relevant and crucial details about the BSc Optometry course. Let’s begin with the Introduction. 

What is a BSc Optometry Course?

A BSc in Optometry is a four-year undergraduate programme that equips candidates with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to diagnose, treat, and manage eye-related problems. It is a science related to vision care and is a dynamic and fulfilling career option in healthcare. The field offers a variety of career options. Let us answer the question What to do after BSc Optometry?’ below.

BSc Optometry Career Options

Since Optometry specialists are required everywhere, many career options are available for its graduates. Some of the most canonical career options after the completion of the programme are: 

  • Clinical consultant optometrist 

  • Research Optometrist Orthoptics specialist

  • Optician

  • Ocular prosthetics specialist

  • Sports vision consultant

  • Paediatric optometrist

  • Multinational companies

  • Refractions specialist

  • Ophthalmic assistant

  • Academics

And more!

Such career options can answer the question, Is BSc Optometry a good career option in India?’ in affirmation. Optometrists earn a good salary package in India, which has led to increased demand. 

BSc Optometry Eligibility

In order to take admission in the programme, candidates must fulfil the BSc Optometry eligibility criteria. As per the common criteria, the candidates must have passed the 10+2 examination with English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as compulsory courses, obtaining at least 55% aggregate marks. Students are advised to visit their selected university’s website and check its eligibility criteria for detailed information. 

Pursuing a highly popular programme is insufficient unless that programme has the stamp of an esteemed university. One of the most well-known universities that offers B.Sc. (Hons) Optometry is Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences. Let’s check its details below. 

Participate in Improving the Vision Health with B.Sc. (Hons) Optometry at Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences is a renowned university that believes that education, industry, and society are deeply interlinked. Each can — and should — mould the other. This belief system is the driving idea behind the design of all their programmes and courses.

The B.Sc. (Hons) Optometry programme at the university offers diverse learning opportunities that encourage critical thinking in the areas of clinical care, research, and community outreach efforts. The eye camps organised within the community help students gain a better understanding of the challenges, responsibilities, and significance of eye care within the community. It also allows students to conduct essential eye exams, assess their seriousness, and refer patients to higher levels of healthcare. Students get a chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills in order to become a self-sufficient professional. The programme readies students to combine knowledge, skills, and attitudes in order to professionally navigate specific situations.

Key Objectives of the Programme are:

  • Trains skilled optometrists who have the knowledge and understanding to conduct thorough visual examinations.

  • Trains students on prescribing spectacles, contact lenses, and special devices for correcting refractive errors, as well as providing specialised therapy for binocular vision and lifestyle diseases with ocular predisposition. Offers counseling on visual and ocular hygiene, along with nutritional and environmental modifications.

  • Highlights the focus on skill proficiency and learning based on results.

  • Assists students in cultivating critical thinking skills for a seamless transition from academia to the professional workplace and industry.

Be the Eye Care Hero

Due to lifestyle changes and changes in the mode of work, optometrists are in high demand. Pursuing a BSc Optometry course is one of the wisest decisions one can make. If you aspire to make a positive impact in the healthcare sector and become a successful optometrist, enroll now in the B.Sc. (Hons) Optometry programme at Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences.


  • Jayashree Aradhya