Explore the Jurisprudential Journey via Diving Deep into the BA LLB Hons Subjects

In this complex society, law serves as the crucial thread weaving together justice, order, and, of course, harmony. Law is a solid framework of rules and regulations constructed to govern human conduct, ensuring fairness and concurrence. In simple terms, it acts as a shield against chaos, providing a framework for resolving disputes as well as balancing social stability. 

The establishment of law lies in its ability to safeguard human rights and foster a just society. It steers the intricate terrain of morality and ethics via precedent, statuses, and legal institutions. Whether civil or criminal, the law endeavours to keep up with the scales, addressing and tackling wrongs and defending the principles of justice. 

As a progressing entity, law mirrors the values and aspirations of a community. It adapts to societal shifts, acknowledging the diverse and dynamic interaction. In the quest for justice, the law is illuminant, guiding humanity towards a more equitable and compassionate future.

Is the future of law secure?

According to the findings of the BLS report, the demand for lawyers is anticipated to soar by 8 per cent between the years 2022 and 2032, exceeding the average growth rate for all occupations. Approximately 39,100 job opportunities for lawyers are expected annually, with a significant portion arising from replacing those transitioning to other professions or leaving the workforce, including retirement. This data suggests that the future of individuals pursuing BA LLB (Hons) is secure and safe.

The Scope of BA (Hons) LLB

A BA (Hons) LLB offers a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to legal studies. Here’s an overview of the scope associated with this programme:

  • Integrated Curriculum

  • Foundational Legal Knowledge

  • Interdisciplinary Perspective

  • Career Opportunities

  • Postgraduate Studies

  • Global Perspective

  • Skills Development

  • Ethical Understanding

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Adaptability

Oddly enough, a BA (Hons) LLB provides a well-rounded education, readying students for legal practice and versatile roles requiring a better and deeper understanding of law and its implications in society.

The Career Opportunities after BA (Hons) LLB

After completing a BA (Hons) LLB, individuals have a plethora of career opportunities in the field of law and beyond. Here are some common career paths:

  • Solicitor

  • Barrister

  • In-House Counsel

  • Public Prosecutor

  • Legal Researcher

  • Human Rights Advocate

  • Legal Journalist or Writer

  • Legal Consultant or Advisor

  • Cyber Forensics specialist

It’s imperative for students to explore and excel in multiple areas of law via internships, clerkships, or entry-level positions to determine their interests and strengths. In addition, networking and developing a solid professional network can help open up additional opportunities in the legal field.

Illuminate Your Legal Pathway via B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) @ M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

The B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) programme at M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (MS RUAS) amalgamates the study of arts and law, offering an all-inclusive comprehension of legal principles and their societal implications.

The BA LLB Hons duration is five years, consisting of ten semesters, equips students with a solid foundation in humanities and legal expertise, promoting a comprehensive approach to problem-solving. With an ultimate emphasis on practical skills and experiential learning, MS RUAS ensures graduates are well-rounded and prepared for diverse legal careers.

The programme’s multidisciplinary nature improves critical thinking and communication skills, preparing students for the dynamic legal landscape. Its BA LLB Hons syllabus wraps up all the important topics required to elevate law education. The BA LLB Hons subjects are mentioned below. Read on to know.

I Semester

Course – I : General English

Course – II : Major – I: Political Science

Course – III : Minor – I(1): Sociology

Course – IV : Minor – II(1): Economics

Course – V : Legal Methods

II Semester

Course – I : Kannada / Kannada Kali

Course – II : Major – 2: Political Science

Course – III : Minor – I(2): Sociology

Course – IV : Minor – II(2): Economics

Course – V : Law of Torts

III Semester

Course – I : Major – 3: Political Science

Course – II : Major – 4: Political Science

Course – III : Minor – I(3): Sociology

Course – IV : Minor – II(3): Economics

Course – V : Constitutional Law – I

IV Semester

Course – I : Major – 5: Political Science

Course – II : Major – 6: Political Science

Course – III : Constitutional Law – II

Course – IV : Law of Crimes – I

Course – V : Contract – I (Law of General Contract)

V Semester

Course – I : Labour Law – I

Course – II : Jurisprudence

Course – III : Family Law – I

Course – IV : Contract – II (Specifics Contract)

Course – V : Administrative Law

VI Semester

Course – I : Labour Law – II

Course – II : Company Law

Course – III : Property Law

Course – IV : Family Law – II

VII Semester

Course – I : Public International Law

Course – II : Law of Taxation

Course – III : Criminal Law – II (Cr.P.C)

Course – IV : Clinical Course – I: Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System

VIII Semester

Course – I : Law of Evidence

Course – II : Opt – I: Human Rights Law and Practice / Insurance Law

Course – III : Opt – II: Banking Law / Right to Information

Course – IV : Clinical Course – II: Alternative Disputes Resolution Systems

IX Semester

Course – I : Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act

Course – II : Opt – III: Intellectual Property Rights – I / Penology & Victimology

Course – III : Opt – IV: Interpretation of Statutes & Principles of Legislation / Competition Law

Course – IV : Clinical Course – III: Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance.

X Semester

Course – I : Environmental Law

Course – II : Optional – V: Intellectual Property Rights – II / White Collar Crimes

Course – III : Optional – VI: Land Law / Law relating to International Trade Economics.

Course – IV : Clinical Course – IV: Moot Court Exercise and Internship.

To Cut It Short

The BA LLB (Hons) programme emerges as a robust academic journey that effortlessly integrates humanities and law. With a focus on practical skills and a comprehensive approach, graduates are well-equipped for the multifaceted challenges of the legal sphere. If you are keen to bring justice to society, then there is nothing better than pursuing a career in law. So, make up your mind and enrol now for BA LLB (Hons) at M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences.


  • Jayashree Aradhya