The Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences rewards excellence with scholarships. Students can choose to apply for a Merit Scholarship (that is, either a Scholarship of Distinction or a Scholarship of Excellence) or an Admission Test Scholarship.

Merit Scholarship

Eligible undergraduate students can choose to apply for a Scholarship of Excellence or a Scholarship of Distinction.

Admission Test Scholarship

Undergraduate students can also apply for Admission Test Scholarships. The scholarship amounts vary based on a student’s RUAS AT marks.


  • Only students admitted under the University’s Direct Admissions Rules are eligible to apply for university scholarships
  • Students are eligible for only one Merit or Admission Test Scholarship in an academic year
  • Students must have School Leaving / Board Examination / Institution Grade Pass Certificate

Process for Application

  • Students interested in any University Scholarship must download the Scholarship Application Form and submit the completed form along with the required documents to the Director of Admissions
  • The Scholarships Awards Committee will then assess and approve eligible applications
  • In cases where incomplete applications are submitted, the Committee will get in touch with students and ask them to submit the required documents
  • Students who do not qualify for scholarship will be notified by the Committee and will also be provided with reasons for the rejection of application

Please note: All students who apply for scholarships must pay the full tuition fees as well as other fees at the Accounts Department of the University. Once approved, the scholarship amount will be directly credited to the student’s bank account and the student will be notified.

Maintaining Scholarship

  • Students who have received Merit Scholarships in any year will be eligible for a scholarship in the next year provided that they have secured the minimum prescribed CGPA marks.
  • A student who is ineligible for renewal of a Merit Scholarship in one year can apply for the scholarship the next year upon securing the required CGPA marks.