Dr. Yuvapriya M K

Faculty of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmaceutics

Having gained experience in operating NMR instruments as well as maintenance and interpretation of results, she has carried out diffusion and relaxation studies of biomolecules.

She has completed her Master’s degree in Pharmacy and PhD degree. She is a registered Pharmacist in the Tamil Nadu Pharmacy Council.


  • PhD.

  • MPharm


Academic: 3 years

Full Time Research: 5 years

Training Experience

Gained experience in operating NMR instrument and maintanence and interpretation of results.Have performed Diffusion and Relaxation studies of Bio-molecules.

Research Interest:

Designing antimicrobial and anticancer peptidomimics and their synthesis, characterization and Bioactvity.

Research Expertise:

Synthetic methodologies for beta amino-acids, Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis(SPPS).


  • Research Interest
  • Research Expertise

  1. Muniraj Krishnaveni yuvapriya, Periasamy Selvakumar, Chandrasekhar balachandran (2017) Novel synthetic unnatural amino-acids via acid hydrolysis of diazepinones as synthons for antibiotics, American Journal of Pharmtech Research, ISSN:2249 – 3387
  2. Selvaraj Geetha, Muniraj Krishnaveni Yuva Priya, Kuppan Chandralekha Sathiah Thennarasu, Srinivasakannan Lakshmi (2016). N-[3‑Methyl-1-phenyl- 1-(1H-tetrazol-1-yl)butan-2-yl]acetamide IUCr data reports ISSN:2414 – 3146.

CSIR- GATE Junior Research Fellowship

  • Registered Pharmacist in Tamil Nadu Pharmacy Council

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