Divya Kiran

Mr. Divya Kiran

Assistant professor

Mr. Divya Kiran entered the academic field in 2013. Joining the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at RUAS as an Assistant Professor, he has been handling a number of modules. These pertain to subjects like Full Custom Design, Semi-Custom Design, High-Speed Design, and VLSI Verification, Signals and Systems, Electronic Circuits and Microprocessor and Microcontroller. 

He has also advised several students from the undergraduate and postgraduate (MS) programs on their thesis preparation and research. He has a Master of Science degree in VLSI System Design from Coventry University, the UK in 2013.


  • M.Sc(Engg.) in VLSI System Design

    Coventry University

  • B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

    Anna University


Total years of Experience :

8 years

Academic Experience:

  1. Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering — M S Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bengaluru — 8Years (2013 to Date)

Training Experience

  • PCB Design and Signal Integrity.
  • ASIC Design.
  • Temperature impact on Automotive Electronics.
  • IC Functional Verification, and Testing.

Research Interests :

  1. Low power VLSI Architecture.
  2. Machine learning-based VLSI EDA tool development.
  3. computer vision.
  4. Hardware implementation of ML Algorithm
  5. Natural Language Processing

Research Expertise :

  1. VLSI Architecture development.
  2. Hardware Acceleration of ML Algorithms.
  3. PCB Designing.
  4. PCB SI Analysis
  5. Digital IC Designing
  6. FPGA Design Development

International Conference Papers:7

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  2. Patil, Swapnil, D. V. Manjunatha, and Divya Kiran. Design of speed and power efficient multipliers using vedic mathematics with VLSI implementation.” Advances in Electronics, Computers and Communications (ICAECC), 2014 International Conference on. IEEE, 2014
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  4. Arpitha .T, Divya Kiran, V.S.N. Sitaram Gupta, Punithavathi Duraiswamy, FPGA-GSM based Gas Leakage Detection System” INDICON-2016, IEEE, 2016
  5. Prakruthi, U.S., Kiran, D. and Ramasangu, H., 2018, January. High performance neural network based acoustic scene classification. In 2018 2nd International Conference on Inventive Systems and Control (ICISC) (pp. 781 – 784). IEEE
  6. Md. Shahmustafa, Divya Kiran, Hariharan Ramasangu, 2018 February, An Efficient CNN Architecture for Image Classification on FPGA Accelerator, IEEE, ICAECC, 2018
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  9. R Likhithashree, Divya Kiran, Area-Efficient Physically Unclonable Functions for FPGA using Ring Oscillator, IEEE, ICIMIA, 2020

National Journal Papers:3

  1. Divya Kiran, H. Ramasangu, Improved Connected Component Algorithm Using Run-based Approach” RUAS-SASTech Journal, Vol. 15, 2016
  2. N Nandana, Divya Kiran, Hariharan Ramasangu, 2017, FPGA Implementation of EfficientConvolution Architecture for CNN. In 2017 40th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP)
  3. Pagadala Gowri Lahari, Divya Kiran, 2018, BCD Approach Based High Performance Floating Point Multiplier for DSP Applications, RUAS-SASTech Journal, Vol 17, (pp. 9 – 12)

Patents:2 applied

  1. Punithavathi Duraiswamy, Divya Kiran and Naveen R Method and Device for Generating a QPSK Signal”, Indian Patent Application : 6814/CHE/2015, December 21, 2015
  2. Divya Kiran, A. I. Rasheed, and H. Ramasangu Method, System and Apparatus for Object Detection” Indian Patent Application: 3573/CHE/2014

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