Avinash Prabhu

Mr. Avinash V Prabhu

Assistant Professor









Total Experience: 10.27 Years

  • Optometrist at Nethradhama Lasik Center (a unit of Nethradhama superspeciality hospitals), Mangalore — Tenure: August 2011- August 2012
  • Assistant Professor at Dept. of Optometry, Manipal College of Health Professions – Tenure: September 2014 to February 2019
  • Assistant Professor- Senior scale at of Optometry, Manipal College of Health Professions – Tenure: March 2019 to February 2020
  • Principal at Naseema Institute of Optometry & Research, Bangalore — Tenure: March 2020 to August 22nd 2020
  • Assistant Professor- Grade II at Faculty of Life & Allied Health Sciences, RUAS – Tenure: August 24th 2020 to present

Training Experience

  • Modules Taught: Ocular diseases, Optometric Instrumentation, Low vision, Contact lens, Binocular Vision
  • UG Thesis Advised:
  • 2020, Awareness on ocular effects of smartphones: A study of knowledge and practice among college students (Awarded with RGUHS short term research grant)
  • 2020, Comparison of visual acuity between an Interactive application (Eye pro chart, version 1.3 by Dok LLC), LogMAR chart and Pocket Vision Screener (Awarded with RGUHS short term research grant)
  • · Prevalence of ocular morbidity and effect of color filters on response time in traffic police of Kormangala town, Karnataka- a cross sectional study (Awarded with RGUHS short term research grant)
  • · 2018, Awareness and knowledge of common eye conditions among the ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) workers in the rural communities of Udupi district 
  • · 2018, A systematic review on the compliance level of spectacle wear/​usage in school going children of Urban population 
  • · 2017, Virtual reality treatment for amblyopia- A software based approach 
  • · 2017, A systematic review on the use & effectiveness of Assistive devices for indoor professional activities in visually impaired geriatric population 
  • · 2017, A pilot systematic review on the effectiveness of assistive devices for mobility and outdoor activities in visually impaired geriatric population 
  • · 2016, Association between the refractive error and color vision defect in school going children – A sectional study cross
  • · 2016, Translation and validation of Mc. Monnies questionnaire (V2) to Kannada 
  • · 2016, Estimation of orbital length, breadth and height in patients visiting radiology department of Kasturba Hospital, Manipal- A retrospective pilot study 
  • · 2016, Self-Versus Examiner Administration of the McMonnies Questionnaires 
  • · 2015, Comparison of pupillary sizes between migraineurs and non-migraineurs and phoria assessment among student population- A pilot study 
  • 2014, Comparison of dual acuity between migraineurs and non-migraineurs using Pelli Levi dual acuity chart- A Cross sectional study
  • PG MS Thesis Advised:
  • 2019 (PG) Prevalence of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) in the office workers in closed built environment in the sub-urban region of Karnataka
  • PhD Dissertation Advised: (Detailed List)
  • Professional Memberships: OCI- 062014164 (Optometry Council of India)
  • International Ergonomics Association- Visual (AUSTRALIA)

Research Interest :

  • Interest: Public health, medical education 
  • Expertise: Diagnostics in glaucoma 
  • Grants: NIL

  • Ph.D. Dissertation: Registered 
  • National Conference Papers:
  • · September 2018 Indian Institute of Public Health Research, Hyderabad for ISGEO 2018 titled A study to explore the experiences of visually impaired on existing built environment through in-depth interviews — A qualitative study”
  • Kolkata Optometry Conference 2018 with the title Comparison of pupillary sizes within the eyes between migraineurs and non migraineurs among student population- A pilot study”
  • International Conference Papers:
  • · ICON ‑IPEPC ‑2018, Melaka Malaysia on 17th ‑18th December 2018 — A study to explore the perspectives of Indian Optometry professionals toward existing longitudinal student assessment methods with scope for further improvement- A qualitative study”
  • · October 2015- 19th Asia Pacific Optometry Conference, Malaysia on the topic Comparison of dual visual acuity among migraineurs and non-migraineurs- A pilot study”
  • February 2015 — Asia ARVO 2015 held at Japan on the topic Interrater reliability of computerized visual acuity (COMPLog) and refractive error measurements (Plusoptix, photorefractor) among school children”
  • National Journal Papers: NIL
  • International Journal Papers:

1. Sanker N, Prabhu A, Ray A. A comparison of near-dissociated heterophoria tests in free space. Clin Exp Optom. 2012 Nov;95(6):638 – 42 (Q3 rating)

2. Interprofessional assessment of accessibility to public buildings by individuals with visual impairment: A report from Udupi taluk- A pilot study — Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development 2018 Oct;139 – 42 (Q4 rating)

3. Translation and validation of Mc. Monnies questionnaire (V2) English version to local vernacular Kannada version- A Pilot study- Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development 2018 Oct; 9(10):131 – 33 (Q4 rating)

4. Prabhu, A., Pinto, A., Thalukdar, J., & Ve, R. (2019). Inter-rater reliability for visual acuity, refractive error, corneal reflex, and inter-pupillary distance among two masked optometrists in school children population. Asian Journal of Ophthalmology, 16(3), 160 – 167 (Q4 rating)

5. Prabhu AV, Ve RS, Talukdar J, Chandrasekaran V. Prevalence of visual impairment in school-going children among the rural and urban setups in the Udupi district of Karnataka, India: A cross-sectional study. Oman J Ophthalmol. 2019;12(3):145 – 149 (Q3 rating)

6. Prabhu AV, Thomas J, Ve RS, Biswas S. Performance of Plusoptix A09 Photo Screener in Refractive Error Screening in School Children Aged between 5 and 15 Years in the Southern Part of India. J Curr Ophthalmol. 2020 Jul 4;32(3):268 – 273 (Q2 rating)

7. Gaurav D, Avinash VP, Taskin K, Pant K, Ragni K, Chandra M. Role of polyunsaturated fatty acid derivative flax seeds in the treatment of dry eyes — An overview, International Journal of Current Research and Review, 12 (23) (2020). (Q4 rating)

8. Mantasha D, Mahesh C, Vibha K, Avinash VP, Janarthan SD, Gaurav D, Richa J. Preferences, beliefs and attitudes of the Indian Optometrist for choices of refractive corrections- questionnaire based study, Journal of Natural Remedies, 21 (8) (2020). (Q4 rating)

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