Dr. Punithavathi D

Professor and Head

Dr. Punithavathi D joined the Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering, RUAS as an Associate Professor in September 2014. The courses she handles include Digital Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessor and its applications, Embedded Systems, Micro controllers, Microwave Engineering, Electric circuits, Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Design and Nano-electronics. Having helped undergraduates and MS students in the past, she is now guiding PhD aspirants in their thesis preparation.

She went to Ghent University, Belgium where she was a Doctoral Researcher and Teaching Assistant (2008 — 2013). She has filed patents for Method, System and Apparatus for Image Rejection in Radio Receivers” and Method and Device for Generating a QPSK Signal” (Indian Patent) in 2015.


  • Ph.D

    Ghent University ,Belgium

  • M.E in Applied Electronics

    Anna University, Tamil Nadu

  • B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering

    Bharathiar University


Total years of Experience : 24.69 years

Academic Experience:

  1. Lecturer in Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering — Nanjappa Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu — 2 Years 9 Months (Jun 1997 — Feb 2000)
  2. Lecturer in Electronics and Communication Engineering ‑Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu — 2 Years 5 Months (Mar 2000 — Jul 2002)
  3. Lecturer in Department of Mechatronics Engineering ‑Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu — 3 Years 4 Months (May 2004 — Aug 2007)
  4. Senior Lecturer in Department of Electronics and Communication — Dr.N.G.P. Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. Tamil Nadu — 9 Months (Sep 2007 — May 2008)
  5. Associate Professor in Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering — M S Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bengaluru 6 Years 6 Months (Sep ‑2014 — Till Date)

Research Experience:

  1. Doctoral Researcher and Teaching assistant — Ghent University-imec, Ghent, Belgium — 5 Years 6 Months (June 2008 — Oct 2013)

Training Experience

  • VHDL programming basic and Advanced
  • FPGA synthesis
  • verification and Implementation

Research Interest :

  • VLSI, Embedded systems
  • Neuromorphic electronics
  • Nano electronics

Research Expertise :

  • High speed architectures implementation on FPGA
  • Board level and IC design
  • Transmitter and receiver architectures for communication and biomedical applications

Ph.D. Dissertation:

Data acquisition and Digital Signal Processing for Electron Paramagnetic

Resonance (EPR) Spectrometers.

National Conference Papers:

  1. SunilKumar .T and Punithavathi Duraiswamy (2019),” Optimization of Kalman Filter for Target Tracking Applications, 2nd National Conference on Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization” (NCMDAO 2019), Mar 23 – 24, Bengaluru India
  2. D. Punithavathi and F.Gajendran,” A Simple Hard Disk Head Controller”, National System Conference (NSC 2007), Oral, Dec. 2007, Manipal, India
  3. F.Gajendran and D. Punithavathi ‚“IPDF Controller (Integral Controller with PD in the Minor Feedback Loop)”, Control Instrumentation System Conference (CISCON 2006), oral, Nov. 2006, Manipal, India.
  4. D.Punithavathi and F.Gajendran, Design of Polyphase QMF using CSD Coefficients with an Application to Sub-band Speech Coding”, National conference on Signals, Systems & Security — 2006 (NCSSS 2006), Feb. 2006, oral, Sathyamangalam, India.

  5. D.Punithavathi and F.Gajendran,” VHDL Modeling and FPGA Implementation of Stepper Motor Controller”, Control Instrumentation System Conference (CISCON 2005), oral, Nov. 2005, Manipal, India

International Conference Papers

  1. P.S. Sameer Ahamed and Punithavathi Duraiswamy (2019), Virtual Sensing Active Noise Control System with 2D Microphone Array for Automotive Applications” “ 6th International Conference on Signal Processing & Integrated Networks”, SPIN 2019, Mar 7 – 8, Noida, India
  2. Arbin Akram and Punithavathi Duraiswamy (2018), Dynamic Current Injection Technique for Improving Linearity and Gain in Gilbert Cell Mixer”, INDICON, Dec 16 – 18, Coimbatore, India.
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  4. Rahul .D.S, Sudarshan. S. K, Rajesha. K. J, Punithavathi Duraiswamy and Shankar. K. Selvaraja (2018),“Experimental Studies on 7‑bit PWM based Visible Light Communication for Text Data Transfer Applications”, Photonics 2018, Dec 13 – 15,Delhi, India.
  5. Satish Kumar G. D, Raghu Srinivas, Punithavathi Duraiswamy (2018) Efficient Implementation of Low Mismatch IQ Signal Generator Based on 90◦ Differential Phase Shifting”, INDICON, Dec 16 – 18, Coimbatore, India.
  6. Suhas. V and Punithavathi Duraiswamy (2018),‘Frequency Doubling Technique for Ring Oscillator based VCO for Microwave Applications”, IEEE International Microwave and RF Conference (IMaRC), Nov 28 – 30, Kolkata, India.
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International Journal Papers

  1. Varanasi, P.K., Nagaraja Rao, S. & Duraiswamy, P. Intelligent Control of Double Boost Converter Interfaced with Multilevel Inverter for Electrical Vehicle Applications. J. Inst. Eng. India Ser. B (2022). (Scopus)
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Patents Filed and Pending

  1. Punithavathi Duraiswamy Method, System and Apparatus for Image Rejection in Radio Receivers”, Indian Patent Application:1440/CHE/2015, March 21, 2015.

Patent Granted

  1. Punithavathi Duraiswamy, Divya Kiran, Naveen R Method and Device for Generating a QPSK Signal”, Indian Patent Application : 6814/CHE/2015, December 21, 2015.

Magazine Articles

  1. Punithavathi Duraiswamy,” Anti-symmetric FIR filter slashes resource use “, EDN. Design center, Dec 2014. ( awarded 150 dollars)
  2. Punithavathi Duraiswamy, Antenna ring-down time measurement for medical applications”. EDN. Medical Design Centre, Aug 2014.

Sponsored Project


Roll: Principle Investigator

Amount: 18,30,000 including Fellowship of 60,000 PA

Title: Development of Li-Fi Enabled Indoor Data Connectivity

Duration- 3 years (Dec 2020= December2023

Workshop/​Seminar Attended

  1. Geometry modelling in HFSS — 4th May2020
  2. Array antenna Design using HFSS ‑12 & 13 May 2020
  3. Design of Spiral Inductor using HFSS ‑20 May
  4. Recent trends in FinFET & Nano-Sheet cell design”, An educational perspective with Dr. Etienne Sicard’26.8.2021- 28.8.21.
  5. Millimeter (mm) Wave MIMO and Filter Bank Multi-Carrier (FBMC) Technologies for 5G Networks with Capstone Project organized by Dr. Aditya K Jagannatham of IIT Kanpur from 25th — 28th July 2018.
  6. Two day workshop on Intellectual Property rights 28 and 29 January 2019

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