Mamatha Hegde

Dr. Mamatha G. Hegde

Head & Associate Professor

Dr Mamatha G Hegde heads the Department of Fashion Design under the Faculty of Art and Design, RUAS since 2018. Her association with the university began in 2014, when she joined the department as a faculty member and a year later, became the Quality Head (HSG). She continued in that role until being appointed as the HOD. Her research revolves mainly around studies of textiles fibres, yarns, fabrics, dyeing, printing, surface embellishments, designing and creation of fashion apparels and accessories, as well as smart, medical, agro and technical textiles.

She began her career in 1998 heading the Department of Fashion design and Garment design at Karavali College, Mangalore and five years later, the Department of Fashion & Apparel Design, T John College, Bangalore (2003 – 2008). She then joined as a Lecturer at the Department of Fashion and Apparel Design, Oxford College of Science, Bangalore in 2008. She was chosen to be a Project fellow for a UGC sponsored major project at the Department of Textiles and Clothing which was coordinated by Dr. S. Kauvery Bai at Smt V.H .D Central Institute of Home Science (2009 – 2012). On completing the project, she continued there as a Lecturer (2012 – 2014).

A Science graduate from Mangalore University (1996), she has acquired a number of degrees in quick succession. These include a Master’s degree in Science from Bangalore University (1998), UGC- NET CSIR (1998), ASRB – NET (2001) and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Bangalore University (2013).


  • B.Sc.

    Mangalore University

  • M.Sc

    Bangalore University

  • Ph. D

    Bangalore University


Total years of experience 

18 years

  1. Head Department of Fashion design and Garment design, Karavali College, Mangalore, 1998 — 2003 (5 years)
  2. Head Department of Fashion & Apparel Design, T. John College, Bangalore, 2003 — 2008 (5 years)
  3. Lecturer Department of Fashion and Apparel Design, Oxford College of Science, Bangalore 2008 — 2009 (1 year)
  4. Project fellow For the UGC sponsored Major Project in the Department of Textiles and Clothing, under the Project Co-coordinator Dr. S. Kauvery Bai, Smt V.H .D Central Institute of Home Science 2009 — 2012 (3 Years)
  5. Lecturer Department of Textiles & Clothing, Smt V.H.D Central Institute of Home Science Bangalore 2012 — 2014 (1 ½ years)
  6. Faculty Department of Fashion Design, FAD, RUAS, July 2014 — October 2015
  7. Quality Head (HSG) RUAS November 2015 — May 2018
  8. Head Department of Fashion Design, FAD RUAS June 2018 — present

Training Experience

  1. Faculty Development Training by International Academy for Creative Teaching by IACT Bangalore from 20th June 2003 to 21st June 2003.
  2. National Level UGC Sponsored “ Refresher course in Home science- 21 Days” from 28th June 2006 to 18th July 2006 by UGC Academic section, Bangalore University.

Research Interest

Textiles fibres, Yarns, Fabrics, Dyeing, Printing, Surface embellishments, Designing and creation of fashion apparels and accessories, smart, medical, agro and technical textiles

Research Expertise

Natural Dyeing, Embroidery and Designing

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Awards and Achievements

  1. Certificate of Merit and Overall proficiency, M.G.M College, Udupi, 1995 and 1996.
  2. Received Rashtriya Gaurav Award” in June 2013 by International friendship Society, New Delhi.
  3. Received Best citizen of India Award” in August 2013 by Best Citizen Publishing House, New Delhi.
  4. Received the Best paper award for in the National Conference on role of Home Science education and Interdisciplinary subjects Eco- friendly dye for Infant clothing’ held in the year July 2009, Bangalore. 
  5. Received the Best paper award (Second runner off) in the International Conference on Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Sustainable RUBAN Society for the paper Sustainable Green Entrepreneurial Avenues for Fashion Industry,” 13 – 14th Feb 2015, Organized by Dayananda Sagar Business Academy, Bangalore. 
  6. Received the Best Bunt women achiever award” on behalf of International Women’s day celebrations organized by Bunts Sangha , Bangalore on 7th March 2015. 
  7. Received Outstanding Professor of RUAS award” on National science Day based on Women of Science Theme, on 28th Feb 2020, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore. 
  8. Set up the academics and laboratories for B.Sc Fashion Design and Garment Design Programme in Karavali College, Mangalore (1998−2003)
  9. Established the laboratories and academic activities in the department of Fashion and Apparel Design, for B. Sc Fashion and Apparel Design Programme in T John College, Bangalore (2003−2008)
  10. Worked as Chairperson of Board of studies and Board of Examination for B.Sc Fashion design/​Garment design/​Leather Deign Mangalore University.(2001 – 2003)
  11. Worked as a Member of Board of Examination for B. Sc Fashion and Apparel design course, Bangalore University, Bangalore in the years 2006- 2007, 2008 – 2009, 2015 – 2016 and 2017 – 2018.
  12. Presently working as member of Board of Studies in Fashion and Apparel Design(UG), Bangalore University for a period of 3 years (26−5−2017 to 26 – 5‑2020)
  13. Presently working as a member of Board of Examination, B.Sc FAD, Bangalore Central University from 2019 – 2020
  14. Organized various fashion shows, exhibitions for Karavali utsava, Bangalore Habba, Khadi Fest, Inter Collegiate Fest etc.
  15. Introduced various value added programs, Certificate Courses, short term and one year diploma course related to fashion, garments and merchandising etc.
  16. Taken various corporate training for rural women related to tailoring, CAD, Embroidery and organized various summer training for children’s and teenagers. Organized one day workshop on 5th March 2011 for textile experts and industrialists to create first hand awareness about the newly invented natural dye from Garcinia indica” extract.
  17. A report on Guest lecture presentation on Fashion forecasting” conducted in Aryabharati Polytechnic, Tumkur was published local newspapers and monthly newsletter Indian Society for Technical Education” Jan 2015 issue Vol 35 No 1. Pg No — 6
  18. Presently coordinating the activities of “ Centre of Excellence in Garment Design, Garment Manufacturing and Quality Control, established under the scheme of Nuthana Javali Neethi 2013 – 18, Dept. of Handloom and Textiles, Govt. of Karnataka from June 2018 to till date.
  19. Presented lecture on the topic Surface Embellishments of Fabrics and Apparels” in Two days Entrepreneurship Development Programme, held on 1st March 2019, in KASSIA, Bangalore, organized by Handloom and Textiles , Govt of Karnataka.
  20. Addressed the audience as a guest of honour in the event of Fashion fiesta 2019” organized by Aryabharathi Polytechnic in Kannada Bhavan, Tumkur on 25th March 2019
  21. Attended the Post Industrial Design Event Hakathon” November 6th to 8th , 2019 organised by Faculty of Art, History, Cultural studies and Design, International School, Ural Federal University, Ekaternburg, Russsia as an subject expert. 
  22. Attended as a Chief Guest for the Annual Day Programme Siddartha Gouthama Mahesha P. U College, Rajajinagar. Bangalore, 13th Dec 2019.

  • Home Science Association of India, Karnataka Branch


  • Textile Association of India, Mumbai.


  • International Journal of Transformations in Business management and International Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

    Member of Editorial Board

  • Journal of Textile and Clothing Sciences

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