Dr. Hanumantharaju K N

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hanumantharaju K N is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Food Technology, FLASH, and RUAS from 2020 and carries about 9 years of experience in the academic and research field. Before that, he has been an Assistant Professor at Post Harvest Engineering and technology Scheme, UAS Bangalore (2019−2020). He is keen on research in the areas of small processing machineries, food product development and herbal products.

Dr.Raju studied B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering-2009) and M.Tech (Processing and Food Engineering-2012) at University of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore. He went to Tamil Nadu Agricultural University for his doctoral degree in Agricultural Process Engineering (2015−18) with Senior research fellowship award (2015).


  • B. Tech. in Agricultural Engineering

    University of Agricultural Sciences – Bangalore

  • M. Tech. in Processing and Food Engineering

    University of Agricultural Sciences –Bangalore

  • PhD Agricultural Process Engineering

    Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


Total Years of Experience: 9.19 years

Training Experience

  1. 20 days training program on mango processing in Fairy food products Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Farm Machinery and Farm power in Central Southern Region for Farm Testing and Training Institute-Ananthpur
  3. SUJAY Drip irrigations solutions for 20 days

  • Small food processing technologies
  • Food Product development
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Farm machineries
  • Medicinal plants

Ph.D. Dissertation:

Development of Prototype Electrostatic Spray Coating Machine for Edible Coating of Fruits Using Natural Plant Extracts

National Conference Papers

  1. Ramya.H.N, Hanumantharaju.K. N and Sridevi.S., Effect of Surrounding Atmosphere on Physico –Chemical Properties of Stored Jaggery Preparation in Mandya District. National Seminar on Recent Advances and Challenges In Sugarcane Research January 23 – 24th, 2014
  2. Hanumantharaju. K. N, Mahadev.J and Praveen. P. An Overview of Biogas Production. Alternate Sources of Energy for Agriculture and Allied Purposes 28th And 29th March 2014

International Conference Papers

  1. 107th Indian Science Congress ( Jointly Organized by UAS, Bangalore and ISCA), Jan 3 – 7 2020. 
  2. International conference on role of agricultural engineering towards global food security. Organized by The Institution of Engineers, India. 11- 13th April 2019. Bangalore, India.
  3. National Conference on Food Technology (NCOFTECH-2012) (Jointly Organized by UAS, Bangalore and IIFPT, Thanjavur), Oct 5 – 6, 2012

National Journal Papers

  1. Hanumantharaju. K. N, Thangavel. K, Amirtham. D and Rajamani. K., Plant extract based edible coating solution and its properties, GREEN FARMING. 2018. 9(5).
  2. Hanumantharaju. K. N, Thangavel. K, Ganapathy. S and Manohar Jesudas Effect of starch on rheological properties of the formulated edible coating solution. Trends in Biosciences. 2018. 11(37), 3976 – 3980.
  3. Hanumantharaju. K.N, Venu. S.A, Lakshmi. R, Ramya. H.N and Sridevi. M.S., Comparitive Study on Different Methods of Threshing Finger Millet Earheads. GREEN FARMING. 2013. 4 (2):217 – 220.

International Journal Papers

  1. Hanumantharaju. K.N, Thangavel. K, Amirtham. D and Rajamani. K,.Physical properties and optimization of biofilms prepared with corn starch and Justicia adhatoda leaf extract, Medicinal plants –International journal of phytochemicals and related industries, 2019 .11(3).
  2. Hanumantharaju. K. N, Thangavel. K and Ganapathy. S., Rheological and surface properties of edible coating solution prepared from vasa plant ( Justicia adhatoda L. ) leaf extract, Journal of Agricultural Engineering , 2020. 57(3).
  3. Hanumantharaju. K. N, Thangavel. K, Amirtham. D and Indurani C,.Physical and Antimicrobial Properties of Cissus quadrangularis Stem Extract Incorporated Edible Films, Indian Journal of Ecology. 2020. 47(2): 497 – 501
  4. Hanumantharaju. K. N, Poornima. D.S and Ramya. H. N,. Development and Performance Evaluation of Whole Crop Finger Millet Thresher, Multii logics in sciences. 2019. 9(31)
  5. Poornima. D.S, Hanumantharaju. K. N, Sivashankar V, Suresh Kumar. K and Ramya. H. N., Influence of moisture content and temperature on mechanical extraction of oil from water melon seeds, Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 2019. 8(4): 275 – 279
  6. Hanumantharaju. K. N, Vikas. L and Prasanna Kumar. Comparison study of prototype thresher with different methods of threshing whole Crop finger millet. International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology. 2017. 6(1):391 – 398.

  • Best M. Tech. thesis award- 2019 ( IARDO)
  • Young investigator award ‑2018 (International conference held in Pune, Maharashtra organized by Scire Science organization)
  • Best poster Award — 2017 (National seminar conducted by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University )
  • Qualified ICAR-NET Exam ‑2015 (Agricultural Process Engineering).
  • ICAR-SRF Fellowship was award- 2015 (for pursuing Ph.D.)

  • Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers: Life member


  • Institution of Engineers (India): Life member


  • Society of Fisheries and Life Sciences, College of Fisheries): Life member


  • Trends in Biosciences: Life member