Dr Ganesh Kondabatlu

Dr. Ganesh Kondabattula

Professor of Practice

Dr Ganesh Kondabattula, Former Senior Principal Scientist, with an illustrious career, in research and development of vaccines biologicals stands as an inspiration to many aspiring scientists and students in Vaccinology and Immunology, brings in 32 years rich experience from Indian Veterinary Research Institute (ICAR). As instructor, Ganesh Kondabattula has taught immunology and microbiology courses to IVRI PG students and UG students of Veterinary Colleges, more than 4 years. He pursued his Ph.D. (1996−99) at Vet College /IVRI, Bengaluru. His alma maters are IVRI Izatnagar, UAS Bidar, Vet College Anand, and The Pirbright Institute, UK, where he received postdoctoral training in Bovine Dendritic Cells.

He started his career in 1985 as Veterinary Officer against Asst Professor at the College of Vety Science and Animal Husbandry, GAU, Anand, and pursued his PG education and research, 1985 ‑1987 as M.V.Sc. Scholar in Veterinary Immunology (First Batch of IVRI Deemed Univ.) and Worked, 1987 ‑1988 as Technical Officer, Monoclonal Antibodies at the PGET Centre, IVRI, Izatnagar. After a brief service as Veterinary Assistant Surgeon at the Directorate of Animal Husbandry, Hyderabad, he joined, as Instructor & Head, Division of Veterinary Microbiology, Veterinary College, UAS, Bidar (1988 — 1992).

He then moved to work as Scientist, Veterinary Microbiology (1992−1998) in I.C.A.R. Initially 3 years he worked at Rinderpest laboratory Division of Virology, IVRI, Mukteswar and continued as Scientist Senior Scale (1998−2002) at FMD Vaccine Production, QC and QA Unit, IVRI, Bangalore, and promoted to Senior Scientist (2002- 2011) and further as Principal Scientist (2012- till retirement). Since 1994, Dr. Ganesh started working in FMD vaccine production unit and involved in FMD Vaccine Production, Quality Control and Assurance at IVRI Bangalore. His research interests are continued by working in collaborative research projects on FMD virus vaccinology.

He has developed vaccine adjuvants indigenously and studied their adjuvanticity, and involved actively with the Transfer of Technology generating revenue to IVRI.

He played vital role in developing the facilities at Department of Veterinary Microbiology of Bidar Veterinary College, Monoclonal Antibody laboratory at IVRI Izatnagar and quality control and quality assurance facilities for FMD vaccines at IVRI Bangaluru.

Dr. Ganesh is actively involved in graduate and postgraduate teaching since 1987. He is a recognized faculty of Veterinary Immunology of the IVRI deemed university and Faculty of Veterinary Microbiology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore for Post- graduate teaching and research.

Worked as a major-adviser for M.Sc. / M.V.Sc./Ph.D. students. He has published 31 research papers, written 3 chapters in reference books, applied for a Patent.