Anitha D S

Dr. Anitha D S

Professor and Head (I/C)

Dr. Anitha D. S is a familiar name in psychology pedagogy and practice in Bangalore. She is currently heading the Department of Palliative and Specialized Care, and Centre for Professional Counselling at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, Bengaluru. She holds a Ph.D. from Jain University, Bangalore in Palliative care and an MPhil from Bangalore university in Developmental Psychology. Dr. Anitha has several years of teaching experience at Bangalore University and has supervised a number of master dissertations. Dr. Anitha has authored various publications in psychology journals of repute nationally and internationally. As a member of the board of studies, Dr. Anitha is also affiliated with Christ University, Kuvempu distance education for psychology and CMR Institute.


  • PhD

    Jain university, Bangalore

  • M.Phil

    Bangalore University

  • MA

    Bangalore University

  • BA

    Bangalore University


Total Experience: 26.91 Years

Hospital and Clinical Experience 

Head of Department: Palliative and Specialized Care


Head of Department Centre for Professional Counselling, Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, A NABH Accredited Multi speciality Tertiary Care, expertise in all fields of Medicine and Surgery with a capacity of 500 Beds

(Psychological counselling for terminally ill patient/​families Counselling for trauma and vascular surgery patients Clinical & child Psychologist & Psycho Oncologist, Neuro Cognitive Rehabilitation)

Funded Project:

  • 2003, CCR-IFCU Project on Ageing and Development 2018,
  • Impact of Allergic Rhinitis on behavioural problems in children (co-principal investigator), Department of Paediatrics, Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, Bangalore, 2019, 
  • Contributor for The Prevalence Study of micronutrient deficiency in school going children aged between 6 – 16 years in 10 cities of India, King George Medical University, Department of Paediatrics, Lucknow, UP , 2019

List of Publications 

(Author name, year, title, name of the journal, volume, edition, page numbers)

  • Adults View on Older People ‑In Aging: Emerging issues, 2003, CCR-IFCU Project on Ageing and Development
  • Bonds that hurt: Women caught in the Caring Trap- In Aging: Emerging issues, 2003, CCR-IFCU Project on Aging and Development
  • Burden of Caring for Adult Mentally Retarded Person- Aging in India, Retrospect and prospect, V Volume, CCR-IFCU Project on Aging in India, August 2004. 
  • Self Concept and Anxiety: A comparative study of students in a Residential School” Child and Adolescent Psychology: Challenges and Issues, 2012, ISBN:978 – 93-5067 – 236‑5
  • Explorative Study: Mothers Assessment of Temperament of Mentally Retarded Child Child and Adolescent Psychology: Challenges and Issues, Ist edition, ISBN:978 – 93-5067 – 236‑5
  • Relationship between Quality of Life and Self-Efficacy Among the Caregivers of Palliative Care Patients of Lung and Breast Cancer, International Journal of Scientific Research, A multi-subject Journal, vol 2, Issue 4, April 2013, ISSN No. 2277 – 8179, Impact Factor: 0.3317.
  • Causes of stress: Among the Caregivers of Lymphoma and Lung cancer patients in palliative care, Vol 1, No.2. Dec 2012 
  • Psycho-social care for family caregivers of patients with cancer: A critical review, Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing, Vol. 4, Issue 7, Oct, 2013. ISSN-p-2229 – 5356, Impact factor=0.47
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