Value Added Courses in German, Japanese and Sanskrit Languages

RUAS introduces Value Added Courses in Japanese, German and Sanskrit. Registration for the courses is now open. 

Kindly note: German and Japanese languages are open to only the students of RUAS (of all Faculties / Schools, Programs and Semesters). Registration links are provided below

Japanese for Beginners (For Students of RUAS only) — https://​forms​.office​.com/​r​/​B​6​u​H​E​eYWKv

German for Beginners (For Students of RUAS only) — https://​forms​.office​.com/​r​/​K​z​S​Z​s​ZVgcw

Sanskrit language is open to students and employees of RUAS (of all Faculties, Schools, Directorates and Offices). Separate registration links are provided below.

Samskritha Bhasha Pravesh (for Students of RUAS only) — https://​forms​.office​.com/​r​/​g​1​x​D​k​Yc60E

Samskritha Bhasha Pravesh (for Employees of RUAS only) — https://​forms​.office​.com/​r​/​c​L​y​Y​4​fAkbc

The maximum no. of students in the inaugural batch is 30. Admission is on First-Come-First-Serve” basis. The procedure for payment of fees and registration on RUAS Portal will be sent separately. 

The last date for registration using Google Forms is 25th October 2021.