Dr Chetana Baliga

Dr. Chetana Baliga

DBT-Ramalingaswami Fellow

Dr. Chetana Baliga is an experimental biologist with 16+ years of research experience in diverse areas such as protein biophysics, molecular biology, ribosomal biology and antimicrobial research. She obtained her PhD degree under the guidance of Dr. Raghavan Varadarajan from the Indian Institute of Science, where she worked on understanding protein sequence-structure-function relationships. As a post-doctoral researcher at the Mankin-Vazquez lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago, she explored ribosome targeting antimicrobial peptides. She received the prestigious DBT-Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship in 2023. She is currently pursuing research in the field of antimicrobial peptides, discerning their mechanisms of action and designing variants with improved activity against drug resistant bacteria.


  • PhD (Biophysics)

    Indian Institute of Science

  • MSc (Biotechnology)

    Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

  • BSc (Biotechnology)

    BMS College for Women, Bangalore


Total Years of Experience: 16 years 

Academic: 16 years of research experience

Training Experience

Molecular biology techniques, protein biophysics, protein purification, protein interactions, library generation, high throughput phenotypic screening and deep mutational scanning

Antimicrobial peptides, Combating Antimicrobial resistance, Understanding protein sequence – structure- function relationships.

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  • Awarded the DBT-Ramalingaswami re-entry fellowship (DBT-RRF) in the year 2022 – 23
  • Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) (2008−10) and Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) (2010−13) from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India.
  • First Rank holder of the Bangalore University, for Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology), 2005.