Admission Cancellation and Refund Policy


Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences will consider any request for cancellation of admission/​withdrawal from studies if such a request is made in accordance with the prescribed regulations mentioned below. 

The regulations will include procedure for cancellation/​withdrawal as well as rules for the refund.


1. This regulation will form part of the Admission Regulations of the University and lays down the procedure for cancellation of admission and for refund of fee paid. The Regulation is based on UGC Guidelines — in this regard, as contained in UGC Regulations, 2016.

2. Any student admitted to any of the courses offered by the University may, for valid reasons only, apply for cancellation of his/​her admission and/​or for withdrawal from studies at any time before commencement of classes.

3. A written request/​application should be submitted by the student or by parent/​guardian, and should be routed through the Dean and Academic Registrar of the respective Faculty and/​or Director of Student Affairs, as appropriate.

4. The original Fee Paid Receipt should be enclosed with the request. NOC/ NDC from the Faculty/​Department should be submitted, as appropriate.

5. Refund may be considered only with regard to the Academic Course Fee (this includes tuition fees and other fees applicable for the year), provided that there is no loss of seat for the University.

Please Note: Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS), a private University, adheres strictly to its Attendance Regulations and does not normally admit any student to any course after commencement of classes. Hence, the cancelled seats will generally become lost seats’.

6. Admissions to all courses will close prior to the commencement of classes. One day prior to the first day of commencement of classes (first day of attendance) will be considered the last date of admission’ for the respective academic year.

7. Any student seeking cancellation of admission and seeking refund will be covered under the following guidelines, which are in keeping with the UGC notification issued in October, 2018:Regulation

(A) Students admitted under University Private Quota/​CET/ PGCET/ PGET and later withdrawn

Sl​.No.Point of time when notice of withdrawal of admission is received by the UniversityPercentage of refund of fees
115 days or more before the formally notified last date of admission100%*
2Less than 15 days before the formally notified last date of admission90%*
315 days or less after the formally notified last date of admission80%*
430 days or less, but more than 15 days, after the formally notified last date of admission50%*
5More than 30 days after formally notified last date of admission00%

*Processing charges of 5% of the fees paid, with a maximum of Rs. 5,000, are applicable.

Exceptions to the above:

(B) Students admitted under CET/ PGCET/ PGET and later withdrawn due to Government of Karnataka (KEA) allotting them to different colleges in subsequent rounds of counselling.

Sl​.No.Reason for CancellationPercentage of Refund of Fees
1Student seeking cancellation of admission due to KEA allotting him/​her to a different college100%*

*Processing charges of 5% of the fees paid, with a maximum of Rs. 5,000, are applicable.

8. All refunds will be made only to the bank account of the student/​parent as per the NEFT details furnished within 15 working days from the approval of the cancellation/​withdrawal, subject to submission of all the required documents. 

9. Refunds or partial refunds will only be considered for genuine and proven reasons or extenuating circumstances.

10. Request for refund of caution deposit, where eligible, will be made, subject to obtaining NOC from all concerned departments.

11. The decision of the University with respect to refunds is final. Once communicated to the student/​parent, no further correspondence will be entertained.