Welcome Message by Director of Admissions

Programmes that criss-cross across faculties. Academics that blurs the lines of application. And a whole new vocabulary of electives and credits to contend with. The university landscape can often be daunting to navigate. 

Our mission, at the Directorate of Student Admissions, is to provide unwavering support and guidance to students as they embark on their academic journeys. 

We believe that a program is only as good as a student’s aptitude for it. A perfect fit, therefore, is crucial, and the Department of Admissions strives to achieve this for every student.

We ensure that students understand the specifics of the program they are interested in. From the course details to program delivery and possible career opportunities, students are educated about the various aspects of every program. Their suitability for the program is also assessed based on the academic background, their aspirations, their aptitude and their attitude. 

This crucial undertaking is executed by a team of committed counsellors, who conduct one-on-one sessions with students to better understand and guide them. 

The result is a systematic, transparent, and student-friendly admission process that lays the foundation for an enriching academic and professional career. 

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you to M S Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS).

We are thrilled to be a part of your journey!

Best wishes