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Hostel Rules and Regulations

Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences offers students options for on-campus accommodation. These hostels are run by and operated by Gokula Education Foundation and the Directorate of Student Affairs for hostel accommodation of University students. 


The University Hostels are available to any student of RUAS who is registered for a course with a minimum duration of six months. However, students belonging to courses of a shorter duration may also be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Students are allotted rooms based on availability and on a first-come first-serve basis. 

Required Documents

  • Duly filled and signed Hostel Accommodation Contract
  • 2 passport-size photos
  • Receipt of payment of tuition fees/​first installment payment
  • Photocopy of receipts of hostel deposit and rental payment

Rules and Regulations

  • Boarders are not allowed to change their allotted room without prior permission from the Hostel Manager.
  • Boarders will be provided with one set of keys to their hostel room. Duplication of this key is prohibited.
  • The hostel ID card must be carried by boarders at all times and must be produced when demanded by the security/​office staff. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against defaulters.
  • Boarders must renew their ID cards for every 6 months of stay in the hostel.
  • In case of loss of the hostel ID card, a fine of Rs.150 will be charged and a duplicate ID card will be issued.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited in the campus. Any boarder found guilty of this will be duly punished and liable for rustication.
  • Misbehaving or unruly behaviour of any sort with the hostel in-charge or fellow boarders will not be tolerated. Any boarder found guilty of the same may be expelled from the hostel.
  • Boarders should not annoy/​bother their roommates or other members of the hostel. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against those who indulge in such behaviour.
  • Boarders must take care of their own valuables/​possessions. Management is not responsible for any loss.
  • Any boarder who is unwell must keep the Hostel Manager/​Resident Warden informed.
  • Boarders must submit the Absence from Hostel’ form in case they plan to stay out at night or travel.
  • Boarders must inform/​update the hostel office as and when their contact number is changed.
  • Acquaintances of boarders are allowed in the boarder’s room from 9 am to 6 pm only.
  • Any acquaintance of boarders found in the hostel outside of the visiting hours will be considered an accommodated guest of the boarder.
  • If any boarder is found be accommodating a guest/​friend/​relative in the hostel room, the boarder will be fined a sum of Rs. 500 per day on the first occasion. On subsequent occasions, the fine will be increased to Rs.1000 per day per person.
  • Consumption of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited in the campus. If found guilty of possessing or indulging in the consumption of the same, boarders will be penalized for a minimum of Rs. 500 and/​or may be expelled from the hostel.
  • Tobacco and tobacco products are prohibited within the campus. However, smoking is restricted to the smoker’s zone in the hostel premises only. If boarders are found guilty of violating this rule, a penalty of Rs.200 is levied on the first occasion; Rs.300 on the subsequent occasions, and/​or eviction from the hostel may ensue.
  • If cigarette butts and empty liquor bottles are found in the boarder’s room, they shall be penalized as per rules.
  • It is compulsory to seek permission from the hostel office to celebrate/​party on the campus. Any celebrations after 9 pm will not be entertained. 
  • The management/​hostel staff are not responsible for any incident(s) involving non-boarders in the hostel block.
  • Hostel Managers/​staff are authorized to periodically inspect the hostel room. Boarders are expected to cooperate for the same. 
  • Boarders are not allowed to have additional coir/​cotton mattress in the room.
  • Boarders must obtain written permission from the Resident Warden for using additional personal coir/​cotton mattress. Otherwise, the mattress will be seized and a fine up to Rs.500 will be collected.
  • Hostel Boarders are to dispose of waste materials either in their room dustbins or in the big dustbin kept in the common area.
  • Each student is allocated parking space for one vehicle only. The entry/​exit will be made as per the rules and regulation of the campus estate office.
  • Hostel authorities are not responsible for any damage or loss to any motor vehicles or parts of motor vehicles.
  • Cooking is not allowed in the hostel room. If found guilty of the same, boarders will be penalized a minimum of Rs. 500 per month from the date of stay. The cooking equipment and utensils will also be confiscated and will be returned only at the end of the boarders’ stay in the hostel on receipt of a Claim Request.
  • Boarders are prohibited from using electric heaters/​water heaters in their rooms. If found guilty of the same, boarders will be penalized for a minimum of Rs. 200 per month from the date of stay. The heating equipment will be confiscated and will be returned only at the end of the boarders’ stay in the hostel on receipt of a Claim Request. 
  • Boarders must switch off all lights and fans when not in use.
  • Boarders must not move the water containers/​newspapers meant for the common area into their rooms. If found guilty, boarders will be penalized Rs.100 on each occasion.
  • Boarders should not scribble, stick posters or deface the hostel walls in any form. Anyone found committing this nuisance should fix the damage caused and/​or pay a minimum fine of Rs.1000.
  • Boarders should not damage or destroy any hostel item. If found guilty of this, they will have to pay for the repair or replacement of the item.
  • Boarders are requested not to dirty the pillows/​mattresses provided. If found guilty, they will be penalized a minimum of Rs.250 or the replacement cost.
  • Boarders must not litter the corridor and the hostel block.
  • Boarders are to make use of the door stopper fixed to each room’s main door to avoid damage to the door frame/​wall and to avoid disturbing others in the hostel.
  • Courier/​letters for boarders are to be collected at the Hostel Office / Reception.
  • If a boarder notices the requirement of any maintenance such as Civil/​Electrical/​Carpentry/​Plumbing, etc., they can lodge a complaint at the hostel office.
  • Boarders going out after 6 pm are to make an entry in the Boarders Register. Those entering the hostel after 9 pm are to furnish their ID card to the security guard and make an entry in the register at the entrance of the hostel.
  • Playing games that may result in damage to property and injury to persons is strictly prohibited.
  • At the time of vacating the hostel room, the boarder must surrender their room keys and ID card to the hostel office, failing which they are required to pay the prescribed amount, obtain the receipt and apply for the No Due Certificate for a refund of caution deposit.

Hostel Fee and Fee Payment

  1. Hostel Fee for the whole year has to be paid in full at the time of admission at the accounts department. 

  2. Hostel fees will not be refunded if the boarder has been expelled from the hostel. 
  3. During admission, if a boarder does not pay the hostel rental amount within 30 days, the Caution Deposit collected will be forfeited and room allocation will be cancelled without any notice.
  4. If a boarder withdraws from the course/​hostel at the beginning of the course, the process of refund will be done after 2 weeks from the date of submission of letter from the student. Refund of fees is not permitted during the middle of their stay in the hostel unless the student has withdrawn from the course. The rental for the month/​duration of their stay will be deducted
  5. If the boarder fails to pay the monthly rental amount, leaves the hostel without informing the hostel office, or does not report to the hostel within 30 days, a seven days notice will be issued. The management also reserves the right to cancel the allotment of the room/​open the allocated room and cease the items without any further information to the boarder. Any dues towards the hostel will be adjusted against the Caution Deposit. Any claim on the items has to be made within 30 days of the cancellation of room allotment.
  6. If the boarder does not claim the hostel refund within 45 days of vacating from the hostel, the Caution Deposit will be forfeited.
  7. Hostel management is not responsible for any valuables left behind in the room while vacating the hostel.
The annual room rental charges and amenities charges per boarder are as follows
AmenityCost per year
Room RentRs. 24,000
ElectricityRs. 5,000
HousekeepingRs. 5,000
Maintenance — Newspaper, Water, Hot water, etcRs. 4,000
The total costs come up to
PeriodDouble Room
One YearRs. 50,000

Caution Deposit: Rs. 15,000 (Refundable)

Permissions and Approvals

Permission must be obtained from the Hostel Manager for the following:

  1. Absence from hostel
  2. In case a boarder opts for a change from the allotted hostel room. Permission for this must be obtained from the Hostel Manager with a written request clearly stating the reason for seeking the change.
  3. In case guests (friends, family, relatives) visiting the boarder intend to stay in the hostel for a short duration of time. Rooms will be allocated subject to availability at an additional cost. For details, please contact the hostel office.
  4. To host any event (for example, birthday parties, sports/​cultural activity, etc.)
  5. To use any electric gadgets other than a personal laptop and cell phone in the hostel room. The boarder must provide details of the equipment being used to the hostel office and obtain permission to take them out at the time of vacating the hostel.


Boarders may be evicted from the hostel if

  1. They do not follow the stated hostel rules.
  2. They fail to pay the accommodation charges on time.
  3. They continue to stay after the check-out date.


Mr. R. Jesuraju, Hostel Manager

Ph: 4906 5555 Extn: 5011

Residential Wardens

Ph: 080‑4906 5555 Extn: 5012 / 5033 

MSRUAS Campus:

Security / Main Gate Ph: +91 80 490 55555