Dr Raja R

Dr. Raja R


Worked in core automotive OEM and various software companies at different capacities and imparting the courses with industry experience. Focused more on practical teaching for UG and PG students.


  • P.hd in Automotive Engines

    Anna University

  • M.E in Automobile

    Madras Institute of Technology , Anna University

  • B.E. in Mechanical

    Madras University


Total Years of Experience:

24 Years 7 Months 

Academic Experience: 13 Years/​9Months

  1. Lecturer — RMKEC, Chennai — 3 Years (1998 to 2000)
  2. Professor and Head — The Oxford College of Engineering, Bangalore — 4 Years (2012 –2015)
  3. Professor and Head — M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore — 6 Years (2015 — Till Date)

Industry Experience: 10 Years/​10 Months

  1. Project Engineer-Quantum Consultants Inc., Hyderabad (2000−2001)
  2. Team Leader-TataAutoComp System Pvt.Limited, Pune (2001−2002)
  3. Country Manager, CSM Software Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore (2002−2007)
  4. Technical Manager –TMW, Cranes Software International Pvt.Limited, Bangalore (2007−2010)
  5. Program Manager, MSC Software India Pvt.Limited, Pune. (2010−2011)

Training Experience

  • Conducted more than 100 + training programme for practicing engineers in many of the automotive OEMs such as M&M, MBRDI, GM, Tata Motors, Maurthi, Hero Honda, Bajaj and etc., in the area of automotive engines, vehicle Body Engineering, Powertrain and Effective usage of FEM software. 

Research Interest:

  • Automotive Engines and Sub Systems, Electric Vehicle, Battery Cooling and Design Validation of Automotive systems
  • Improvement of Automotive engines and subsystems for better performance
  • Improvement of Electric vehicle battery performance

Research Expertise:

Alternate Energy Sources of Automotive propulsion, Automotive Pollution Control, Power train, Vehicle Body Engineering


  • Electric Vehicle
  • Automotive engines and subsystems
  • Power train

International Conference Papers
  1. Raja R. Mr. Vijay Saldanha, and Mr. Monish Gowda M. H. (2018), Redesign of Truck Cab Suspension for Improved Ride”, FISTIA World Automotive Congress, Chennai. 
  2. Raja R, Mr. Ankit Mehta, and Mr. Monish Gowda M. H., (2018), Analysis Of Combined Effect of Caster Angle and SAI on Steering Performance of the Vehicle”, FISTIA World Automotive Congress, Chennai. 
  3. Trupti, P. Wani, Raja, R. and Sampathkumaran, P. (2017) Investigation on Wear and Friction Characteristics of Bi-Directional Silk Fiber Reinforced Nanoclay added HDPE Composites”, International Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Applications, Bangalore.

National Journal Papers

  1. Raja R, Karthik YC and Mithun SK, (2019), Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Fuel Magnetization for Improvement of Diesel Engine’s Efficiency”, SASTECH J., 18(1), pp. 9 – 12
  2. Nithin, K. Narayanan, Sriram, A. T. and Raja, R. (2018) Improvement on Performance of a Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Engine by Utilizing Waste Heat Energy with Organic Rankine Cycle, SASTECH J., 17(1), pp. 37 – 40
  3. Rakesh, S., Raja, R. and Ananthesha (2017) Multi-Fuel Blend Ratio Estimation for Improvement in Performance and Reduction of Emissions in CI Engines”, — Part A, SASTECH J., 16(2), pp. 38 – 41.
  4. Rakesh, S., Raja, R. and Ananthesha, (2017), Multi-Fuel Blend Ratio Estimation for Improvement in Performance and Reduction of Emissions in CI Engines — Part B, SASTECH J., 16(2), pp. 42 – 45.

International Journal Papers

  1. Raja R, P Trupti P Wani, Sampathkumaran, S Seetharamu , (2018), Experimental Investigation on Wear and Friction Characteristics of Bi-Directional Silk Fiber Reinforced Nanoclay Added HDPE Composites”, Elsevier, Materials Today: Proceedings 5 (2018) 25713 – 25719
  2. Raja R, Mohan N, C R Mahesha, (2017), Tribo-mechanical behaviour of SiC filled glass-epoxy composites at elevated temperatures”, International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology, Vol. 6, No. 5, pp. 44 – 56
  3. Raja R, Trupti P Wani, (2017), Design And Analysis Of Muffler For Reducing The Vibration”, International Journal of Research In Aeronautical And Mechanical Engineering. Volume 4, issue 1
  4. Raja R and Mahesh M R, (2014), CFD Analysis for Fixed Bed Fischer-Tropsch Process, International Journal for Ignited Minds (IJIMIINDS)
  5. Raja R , Dinesh Kumar J and Harish R Shankar, (2014), Design Optimization of Automotive Emission System using Computational Fluid Dynamics, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Vol. 3 Issue 11,
  6. Raja R, Dinesh Kumar J and Harish R Shankar, (2013),”Influence Of Thermal Barrier Coatings on S.I Engine Performance”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Vol. 2 Issue 6. 
  7. Raja R, Chetan H Rao, (2013), Design of Kiln Wagon Pulling Vehicle” VSRD Journal.


  1. Dr. Raja R, Mithun SK and ManojKulkarni R, Portable Personal Mobility device” ( Design Patent)

  • Received the award of best of Employee of Year 2006 and 2008
  • Received the Design Patent from Govt. of India in July 2019
  • Received International Awardof BEST PACE Lab-2017”from PACE organizers during PACE Annual Forum ‑2017 held at Mexico, for various activities conducted and effective usage by RUAS
  • Received PACE –PUMA, ” Judges Special Perseverance Award” for Best design of Personal Urban Mobility Vehicle (PUMA), during Annual Forum of PACE ‑2018 Conference held at Detroit, USA

  • International Association Engineers


  • SAE